Whose Hajj is it anyway?

Reflect on how ownership of this sacred Islamic institution needs to be reclaimed by the Muslim Ummah collectively

The scourge of Islamophobia

In the space of just a couple of decades Islamophobia has become the bane of western societies. In Britain, its incidence has...

Islamophobia is the ‘new anti-Semitism’

With the emergence of Israel as a western client state, the age-old prejudice against Jews was replaced by a corresponding hatred of Arabs that...

Reflections on Chinese Policy in Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Region

An eyewitness account of the events of 5 July 2009 and the aftermath.

GMD Essay, August 2010: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hajira Qureshi looks at the impact of the detonation of the first atomic bombs in Japan and the resultant genocide.

GMD Memorial Essay, November 2010: “Remembering the transatlantic slave trade” by...

Zimarina explores the historical context of transatlantic African slavery and analyses the motives for its establishment and factors which lead to its official abolition.

Some thoughts on the Arbaeen walk

An opportunity to visit Iraq, specifically Najaf and Karbala provided Ahmed Kaballo with food for thought of how Islamic society does and could work.


Sasuie Abbas Leghari overviews the tragic and amazing events of a generation ago, and the importance of their legacy.

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