Bosnia: Revisiting Genocide

Lecture by Demir Mahmutcehajic,
President of the Bosnian Community in Britain,

IHRC and IIWO’s Letter to Jacques Chirac Regarding the Hijab Ban...

On 11th January 2004, IHRC and IIWO handed submitted a letter to the French President regarding the actions of the French government and the persecution of Muslim women in France.

Report of the Trial Monitor in the Ma’ameer and Adary Park...

IHRC Trial Observer Abed Choudhury's latest report.

‘The Most Persecuted Minority in the World’ – The Genocide of...

This report focuses on the way in which the international crime of genocide is being committed against the Rohingya with impunity by the state of Myanmar

New report: Nigeria – UPDATE OF THE 2016 IHRC ‘COMMUNICATION TO...

IHRC's latest communication with the International Criminal Court regarding the Zaria Massacres of 2015, entitled 'UPDATE OF THE 2016 IHRC ‘COMMUNICATION TO...

Islamophobia and Gender Discrimination: The Case of the Media

Two South African journalists moot the problems of Islamophobic stereotyping for Muslim women, and suggest ways forward.

Towards a New Liberation Theology: Reflections on Palestine

Compilation of papers presented at the conference 'Towards a New Liberation Theology: Reflections on Palestine', held in June 2005.

Nominate Muslim Contributors to Muslim Society for a Publication

Have you got a role model? Do you feel that their contributions to British society are Unrecognised?

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