Globalisations, Ideological Democracy and Islamophobia

The powerpoint presentation used at this event by Dr. Saied Reza Ameli.

IHRC Annual Newsletter 2004 – 2005

Read a round-up of some of IHRC's activities in this PDF version of its newsletter.

To Liberate or Not to Liberate? Islam, Universalism & Human Rights

A presentation by Arzu Merali dealing with the problems of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from a Muslim perspective.

Muslim Profiling

Questions Regarding Police Strategy and Policy With Regard to the Pro-Israel Rally and Counter-demonstration on 6th May 2002

Report of IHRC Observer into the Trial of Huda Kaya and...

Osama Daneshyar's 1999 report into the trial of Huda Kaya and the Malatya 75, 51 of whom faced the death penalty for participating in a peaceful demonstration in support of women suspended from university for wearing hijab.

BROKEN PROMISES: Human Rights, Constitutionalism and Socio-economic Exclusion in Bahrain

A report by Omar F. Ahmed, published 14 October 2010

Tales of Mini Maryam

IHRC Press is proud to present its first children's book. Order the book here. For trade orders please contact or call...

Environment of Hate: The New Normal for Muslims in the UK

IHRC's tragic report on the hate crime faced by Muslims in the UK

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