Bosnia: Revisiting Genocide

Lecture by Demir Mahmutcehajic,
President of the Bosnian Community in Britain,


Erwartungen und Erfahrungen Muslimischer Organisationen

British Anti-Terrorism: A Modern Day Witch-hunt (Revised July 2006)

A must read for all those concerned with the British government's war on terror and its implications for its Muslim community.

IHRC and IIWO’s Letter to Jacques Chirac Regarding the Hijab Ban...

On 11th January 2004, IHRC and IIWO handed submitted a letter to the French President regarding the actions of the French government and the persecution of Muslim women in France.

Islamophobia and the European Convention on Human Rights

A look at the problematique of ECHR from a Muslim perspective.

Who Will Guard the Guardians?

A critical overview of the work of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) with specific reference to the Babar Ahmad case, by Sarah Waseem.

Questions to the Charity Commission…

IHRC is deeply concerned over due diligence and other issues related to the UK registered Charity 'UK Toremet' and its facilitation of donations towards IDF related causes.

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