Once Upon a Hatred: Anti-Muslim Experiences in the USA

The latest book from the IHRC Hate Crime project by Saied R. Ameli, Ebrahim Mohseni Ahooei and Arzu Merali

A Brief Introduction to the Malay Kingdom of Patani

A look at the background to the abuses committed against Muslims in Southern Thailand.


Bringing Israel to Account: The Role of International Law

IHRC's latest report looks at how international law has failed in affording any redress to the Palestinian people.

The Oldham Riots

A study into the causes and effects of the Oldham riots in the UK, in the summer of 2001.

Human Rights Violations in Nigeria: April 1997 – September 1998 (Addendum)

IHRC continues to call for the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners in Nigeria, regardless of their ethnic, political or confessional background.


Erwartungen und Erfahrungen Muslimischer Organisationen

9/11: The Targeting of Muslim Women

Fareena Alam, news editor and Muslim activist outlines the nature of anti-Muslim women attacks and ways forward for the Muslim community to break out of the cycle of demonisation and backlash.

The Hidden Victims of September 11: The Backlash Against Muslims in...

IHRC's updated report on the number and nature of anti-Muslim hate attacks in the UK in the wake of 9/11.

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