Civil Rights

Civil Rights

Coconuts are fair game

Faisal Bodi argues that minorities should not shy from using communal vernacular to express political dissent, despite the decision to prosecute Mareiha Hussain I have a very personal interest in the case against Mareiha Hussain. This week, the 37 year-old schoolteacher was charged with a


Extremism definition is anti-democratic, divisive and Islamophobic

Today’s announcement by Michael Gove that the government is widening the definition of extremism to catch mostly mainstream Muslim organisations is the latest in a series of Islamophobic measures seeking to exclude Muslims from public life. The blackballing of Muslim groups as a threat to

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IHRC welcomes UN statement on protecting right to protest and dissent

IHRC welcomes the statement of the United Nations calling on states to respect and enable the rights of everyone to freedom of peaceful assembly, association and expression. The statement is a direct response to the alarming level of repression by many state authorities of the


Complaint to Charity Commission re UK Toremet

IHRC wrote to the Charity Commission on 19 January 2024 regarding fundraising for the Israeli Defense Forces being facilitated by a UK based charity, UK Toremet (charity registration number 1140972). The text of the letter is pasted below. We are compelled to write to you

Hizb ut-Tahrir ban seeks to cover blood-soaked UK foreign policy

The government decision to proscribe as “terrorist” the political group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, is an authoritarian and flagrantly Islamophobic act that seeks to stifle opposition to the Israeli genocide in Gaza. By banning an organisation that the government itself has acknowledged is non-violent, British authorities are