Forgotten Genocide

‘Forgotten Genocide’ will document the war in Bosnia and be released on 13 July 2015

IHRC welcomes ICJ ruling on Rohingya genocide

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC cautiously welcomes today’s ruling by the International Court of Justice ordering the government of Myanmar to prevent genocidal violence against its Rohingya Muslim minority and preserve any evidence of past crimes. We are pleased that the decision in the United Nations’ highest

Videos: Background on the situation of the Uighurs

Follow the Justice for the Uighurs Campaign here. What’s Happening to the Uighurs? (2019). Abed Choudhury, Enver Tohti and Massoud Shadjareh. Uighurs: The Forgotten Muslims of China (2009) Dr. Enver Tohti on the Chinese nuclear tests in Xinjiang at Genocide Memorial Day (2016) IHRC Weekly

Demir Mahmutcehajic on Bosnia and Forgotten Genocide

Bosnian Activist Demir Mahmutcehajic discusses the background to and his experiences of the Bosnian war 1992 – 1995. He discusses not only how Srebrenica was a genocide in 1995, but the whole Bosnian war was an evidence of genocide against the Muslim population and those