Decolonising Ecology

Decolonising Ecology

Decolonizing the Mind: Book Tour with Sandew Hira

IHRC, Cambridge Stop the War Coalition and Decolonial International Network, are delighted to announce three more events with decolonial scholar and activist Sandew Hira.  His October dates are below.  He will be visiting is again at the our bookshop in Wembley, London, he will be

Decolonial and Pirate Ecology Conference – Decolonising Ecology

On Saturday night, a large crowd gathered at Verdragon to hear Fatima Oussaka, Sandew Hira, and Malcom Ferdinand discuss their latest books and decolonising ecology. The event was co-organized by Observatoire Terre-Monde, DIN, and Verdragon, Maison de l’Ecologie Populaire. Aude Chesnais provided general animation, and

Event Report: Decolonising Ecology

We were joined by Professor Ramón Grosfoguel, a leading decolonial scholar, and Sandew Hira, the co-director of the Decolonial International Network, on Monday 16 December 2019 to discuss how issues of decoloniality need to be considered in conversations and activism around climate change. This event

Decolonising Ecology

Join Ramón Grosfoguel and Sandew Hira at IHRC on Monday, 16 December 2019.