Decolonising the Mind

Je Suis – We Are All Palestinians: Lessons from the Propaganda War

Sahib Mustaqim Bleher calls on Muslims and all those of good conscience, to move beyond the framing of Palestine as dictated by the mainstream westernised media, as both individuals and societies. “Historic break-out from Gaza concentration camp – prison guards taken hostage. Jointly, Arabs in

Liberating Holy Land North and South: Decolonising the Muslim Mind

Imam Muhammad al-Asi contends that the characteristics of Bani Israel as outlined extensively in the Qur’an, are to be found in the Muslim mind, psyche and collective action.  Understanding this is key to liberating not just the Holy Land but for the establishment of justice

Decolonizing the Mind: Book Tour with Sandew Hira

IHRC, Cambridge Stop the War Coalition and Decolonial International Network, are delighted to announce three more events with decolonial scholar and activist Sandew Hira.  His October dates are below.  He will be visiting is again at the our bookshop in Wembley, London, he will be

Decolonise the Mind

We have a number of announcements for you. Author Evening with Andrew Booso – The Book of Wisdoms Join us today for an author evening with Andrew Booso, to discuss the book, The Book Of Wisdoms [Kitab al-Hikam with Ikmal al-Shiyam] – A Collection of Sufi

My Journey from Marxism to Decolonial Theory

Sandew Hira’s profound recounting of his political and spiritual journey from Marxist to Decolonial thinker and activist, across several decades, challenges those in the current time, who claim that the only challenge to capitalism comes from the left. Introduction On January 15th, 2023 I will