Decolonising the Mind

9. The role of China

An analysis of the role of China in the world, Western Asia and Palestine.  

8. The role of Russia

Analysis of the role of Russia in Palestine by understanding the history of the Soviet Union and the fight against terrorism, Russia’s view of a multipolar world, Russia’s view of the two state solution and its relations with Hamas.  

7. The role of Turkiye

Turkiye is a major political, ideological and military force in Western Asia. How will it react to the ongoing genocide? Will it join the resistance in an invasion of Israel?  

4. The Role of Iran

Netanyahu has threatened to nuke Iran with Israel’s 90 nuclear heads. Why? You need to understand the role of Iran in the struggle for Palestine.  

3. The Israeli response to the attack of October 7, 2023

The attack was the greatest shock for Israel, for its people, politicians and military leaders. It is became clear that this war is different: it is a war that will determine the survival of Israel as an apartheid state.