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In The Qur’an Allah says “be just, that is closest to Godliness“. This is a mission that the Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust wears on its sleeves. As Muslims, we believe that Allah has firmly commanded us to establish justice. The services that we provide through the trust has been the safety net the community has relied on since 2003.

We are the only Muslim led organisation that employs dedicated caseworkers to take on any cases of discrimination. Over the years we have been working in the background supporting the silent victims of Islamophobia and hate crime. Just as we have been monitoring and supporting victims here at our doorstep, we have not taken our eyes off international issues. We have always monitored human rights abuses, and where needed we also followed it up with humanitarian assistance where causes have been neglected by everyone else. We are the only organisation to have given assistance to victims of sectarian violence in Indonesia. In Nigeria, we are the only authorised and charity of choice to aid the victims of government oppression against Muslims in Nigeria. Whether it be the Uighurs or the Rohingya, we were at the forefront of carrying out research through investigative journalists.

Our Hate Crime research on various countries is now the go to place for the latest in statistics and understanding trends. Civil rights activists, civil society organisations, academics and government bodies all refer to our work.

This careful sourcing through information, understanding latest trends, monitoring the media and creating the resources to challenge injustice requires a lot of hours of work. Caseworkers, researchers and campaigners within our organisation are employed by us, so that our community here in the UK and abroad can be assisted when there is a need. 

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We work with different organisations from Muslim and non-Muslim backgrounds, to campaign for justice for all peoples regardless of their racial, confessional or political background.

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