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Violence from the authorities has also resulted in catastrophic and life changing injuries for many people protesting against the government’s cruelty. Lack of funds means that even when there is hope of recovery, medical treatment is unavailable for victims.

This includes injuries from bullets, knife attacks, baton charging, tear-gassing and other forms of physical violence resulting in:

  • Temporary and permanent paralysis
  • Blindness and sight injuries
  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Torn ligaments
  • Internal injuries

We need your support to provide:

Medical treatment to alleviate and heal those injuries including access to local doctors or specialist treatment in Nigeria or abroad for the more complex injuries. 

This can cost anywhere between £1000 & £3000 to treat injuries caused by gunshot wounds.

Medical equipment like crutches and wheelchairs cost between £150 & £700.

Monthly food packages for families of those killed or imprisoned cost £70 per month or £840 for the whole year.

Give the Gift of Education

“When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: a continuing charity, beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them.” – Hadith

In Nigeria, Muslims who are defending Islam are routinely targeted violently and many are martyred. Their sacrifices drive families into desperate circumstances, especially where the main or sole breadwinner loses their life. At IHRC Trust, we have been supporting victims of state violence. We have been supporting children of those that have been martyred  with the gift of education. Without the financial means to continue their studies many children would be forced to abandon their studies and forced into work. Through our initiatives many students have continued their education and are now able to pursue their education up to university level. Many exceptional students are now being offered scholarships to study abroad, ranging from 50% to 100% reduction in fees.

The success of this particular group of students is a cause for celebration. Not only are these students faced with the challenge of the state discriminating against them, but also the lack of importance Nigeria gives to education. Education statistics in Nigeria are frightening: it has the world’s highest number of out-of-school children, with about 10.5 million children aged 5-14 years not attending school. Nigeria has a low literacy rate of 65.1% according to World Bank data with significant gender and regional disparities. Nigeria ranks 124th out of 137 countries in terms of quality of primary education according to the World Economic Forum. It has a low school completion rate of 63% for primary education, 44% for junior secondary education, and 17% for senior secondary education. 

Due to the lack funds our beneficiaries are often unable to attend university as they do not have the money to purchase a ticket, pay for a passport and initial costs of being a student in a foreign country. IHRC Trust is asking our supporters to assist in this Sadaqah Jariyah initiative to contribute towards this initial cost of helping a student study abroad. We know that once they graduate, these students will not only be in a position to support themselves and their families, but will become an asset of the Ummah in serving Islam.

Helping those who are less fortunate is a key tenet of our faith. We are encouraged to give Sadaqah Jariyah because for as long as the donation continues to benefit others, the donor will reap the rewards. This could last beyond the donor’s lifetime, and potentially even generations. Sadaqah Jariyah is what today’s international development sector calls ‘sustainable development’, which is something that was promoted by Islam over 1400 years ago. 

Your support will provide livelihoods for thousands of people and communities in Nigeria, lifting many people out of the cycle of poverty. 

Read about recent success stories here.

Your support helps our campaign

Currently there are thousands of children, women and men suffering as the result of the violence of the Nigerian police and army. Members of the Islamic Movement have been routinely targeted, with over 1500 killed in the last three years alone. They have left behind dependents who are often destitute and shunned. Families are left without enough income for basic necessities like food and clothing, children lose out on education.

Medical Equipment

£150 to £700

Medical procedures

£1000 to £3000

Food Packages

£70 per month

Food Packages

£840 per year