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Violence from the authorities has also resulted in catastrophic and life changing injuries for many people protesting against the government’s cruelty. Lack of funds means that even when there is hope of recovery, medical treatment is unavailable for victims.

This includes injuries from bullets, knife attacks, baton charging, tear-gassing and other forms of physical violence resulting in:

  • Temporary and permanent paralysis
  • Blindness and sight injuries
  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Torn ligaments
  • Internal injuries

We need your support to provide:

Medical treatment to alleviate and heal those injuries including access to local doctors or specialist treatment in Nigeria or abroad for the more complex injuries. 

This can cost anywhere between £1000 & £3000 to treat injuries caused by gunshot wounds.

Medical equipment like crutches and wheelchairs cost between £150 & £700.

Monthly food packages for families of those killed or imprisoned cost £70 per month or £840 for the whole year.

Your support helps our campaign

Currently there are thousands of children, women and men suffering as the result of the violence of the Nigerian police and army. Members of the Islamic Movement have been routinely targeted, with over 1500 killed in the last three years alone. They have left behind dependents who are often destitute and shunned. Families are left without enough income for basic necessities like food and clothing, children lose out on education.

Medical Equipment

£150 to £700

Medical procedures

£1000 to £3000

Food Packages

£70 per month

Food Packages

£840 per year