Eid ul Adha gift ideas for children

Eid ul Adha gift ideas for children

Hajj is next month and that can only mean we have another Eid! So don’t worry we have your children’s Eid presents at your disposal from artwork to books and DVD’s.

We are also gift wrapping the presents you purchase for free!

You can make orders online, over phone or just come in to visit us. We can post the purchases you make in time for Eid ul Adha – so start ordering!

Gift Suggestions – 

The Lost Ring

Rahma’s family are preparing for Eid and she has been looking forward to making samosas all week. Grandma, who is visiting realizes that her precious gold ring has gone missing. Suddenly, Rahma remembers wearing it while helping make the Eid samosas. Will Rahma find her Grandma’s precious ring? This is an engaging mystery story that also educates about the celebration of Eid-ul-Adha.

Key Stage 2 (7-11 Years Old)

A Picnic of Poems In Allah’s Green Garden

A collection of 30 poems to keep the young and ‘young at heart’ entertained for hours. These poems cover a number of topics including: Motherhood, Daily Prayer, Baby Siblings, Life on a Farm, The Animal Kingdom, Bullying, Mosques, Ramadan, Appreciating nature and more. The book comes with an audio CD to sing along to these joyful yet educational poems. Percussion based audio CD included in the book. Recommended for Ages 5+

In the Prophet’s Garden: A selection of ahadith for the young

• A collection of 200 ahadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him) taken from the authentic collections and presented in the simple modern English.
• Arranged thematically in 29 short chapters to cover essential Islamic teachings on faith, religious practices, morals and manners and character and conduct. 
• Aimed at children and young people from the age of 10, it also forms a suitable general introduction to the teachings of the beloved Prophet for non-Muslims ad those new to Islam.

Appropriate for home, madrasa, and classroom use (Key Stages 2 and 3)

Muhammad Encyclopaedia for Children Volume One

I wish to say someday soon, Oh! Prophet of Allah: 
I Love thee more times than the stars in the sky.
I love thee more times than the rays of the sun. 
I love thee more times than the grains of sand in a desert. I love thee more times than the clouds in the sky.
I love thee more times than the rain drops all over the world.
I love thee more than the scorched earth loveth the water.
My love for you is greater than the greatest of mountains,
My love for you is mightier than the sea, 
And if I had a thousand, million lifetimes I would prove this to thee.

The Seerah takes you from the Land of the Muhammad’s (PBUH) Birth, The Arab People and The Holy Ka’bah, Building of the Ka’bah, The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Life at Makkah, his (PBUH) Childhood, Youth, Manhood, Search For Truth, His (PBUH) Prophethood, His (PBUH) Lifestyle, Eating, Dressing, Charming and Elegant Manners, The Perfect Human Being to Moral Perfection. A must read for all children.

Muhammad The Last Prophet

From the creators of The King and I, The Fox and the Hound, and the Swan Princess comes the first animated feature length film about Islam’s Prophet. This groundbreaking film is set around 1400 years ago during the early years of Islam. The film relates the events that unfolded that led to the rise of a renewed religion in the Arabian desert, eventually spanning 7 continents and counting 1.6 billion adherents around the world.

Perfect for the family and for encouraging interfaith dialogue, this film is a definite must see!

We have many more children’s titles visit us here don’t forget all postage and packaging is included in our price but overseas orders may incur an extra charge.

We have Eid Cards only £4 for a pack of 6, including envelopes and postage & packaging (Overseas orders may vary), and 3 different designs to choose from!  

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