Eid ul-Fitr Mubarak

Eid ul-Fitr Mubarak

Eid ul-Fitr Mubarak. We have a few announcements for you.

Eid Discounts

IHRC Bookshop are giving away 20% discount off all books. The Discount code is: EIDREWARD. Hurry! Offer ends on Wednesday.

Author Evening with Ibn Daud

Join us for an author evening with Ibn Daud to discuss his book, A Handbook of Spiritual Medicine. This event will be hosted by Talha Ahsan.

WHEN: Saturday, 14 May, 2022, 4pm GMT+1

About the book:

This spiritual guide to the self is a handbook of tazkiyah or ‘self-purification’.

Not only does it illustrate the maladies of the human spiritual condition, it recognises the struggles and insecurities we all succumb to from time to time, and offers up the remedies too. The antidotes to our ailments are drawn from Qur’anic verses and authenticate ahadith (Prophetic sayings), inspiring mindfulness of the Almighty Cherisher (SWT) and His Beloved Prophet (PBUH). This guidebook, drawing on the 11th and 12th Century works of the ‘Proof of Islam’ and the wondrous sage, Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali can be applied to our busy lives in the modern, hi-tech era, and will prove accessible to people of all ages, all denominations: believers and non-believers alike.

Author Evening with Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan

Join us for an author evening with Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan to discuss her latest book, Tangled in Terror: Uprooting Islamophobia.

WHEN: Monday, 23 May, 2022, 6pm GMT+1
WHERE: this event will be streamed live on www.ihrc.tv, Facebook and YouTube

About the book:

Islamophobia is everywhere. It is a narrative and history woven so deeply into our everyday lives that we don’t even notice it – in our education, how we travel, our healthcare, legal system and at work. Behind the scenes it affects the most vulnerable, at the border and in prisons. Despite this, the conversation about Islamophobia is relegated to microaggressions and slurs.

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan reveals how Islamophobia not only lives under the skin of those who it marks, but is an international political project designed to divide people in the name of security, in order to materially benefit global stakeholders. It can only be truly uprooted when we focus not on what it is but what it does.

Tangled in Terror shows that until the most marginalised Muslims are safe, nobody is safe.

Reflect Bangles by Desert Rose Boutique

IHRC Bookshop is pleased to present this special piece of jewellery available from our online store for now.

Designed by Desert Rose Boutique, this majestic set of 3 bangles would make an ideal Eid present for women and girls of all ages and will be a gift they will always cherish.

This special Eid set includes the following:

  • 18K Gold plated bangle engraved with TAWWAKUL
  • Stainless Steel bangle engraved with SABR SHUKR
  • Rose Gold plated bangle engraved with DREAM DUA DO
  • 3 Gift Boxes

This is a limited time offer only so order now to get a perfect gift in time for this Eid.

Visit https://desertroseboutique.uk/pages/reflect-jewellery-collection for more information and to browse some more excellent jewellery.

Below are recommended books that we have in-stock. Click here to check our website for more books.

An Enjoyable Eid – Hanis Hanani Tahir

A remarkable Ramadan has passed, may Allah accept our fast.

Now is the time to enjoy Eid, let’s perform the sunnah for good deeds!

‘An Enjoyable Eid’ contains a collection of sunnah taught by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) through authentic hadith sources to celebrate Eid for the young and old.

An Ocean in One Drop – Mariam Hakim

An Ocean in One Drop is a children’s book that tells the background story of the woman honoured within the Islamic Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage; Hajar.

During this pilgrimage Hajar’s story is expressed through the core ritual of Sa’ee, which ends with pilgrims drinking holy Zamzam water. This ritual remembers Hajar’s experience of being stranded in the desert, alone with her infant son, searching for water and help.

The Sa’ee tasks each and every pilgrim with reliving Hajar’s story and following her footsteps, running between two large hills seven times. An Ocean in One Drop recounts Hajar’s desert struggle to young audiences, through the story of Jamila and her grandmother – who explains the importance of this pivotal moment within the Islamic faith.

Using poetic rhyming couplets and stunning water colour visuals, this children’s book explores Hajar’s narrative through the opposing themes of water and desert, life and death, and ancient heritage in modern times. The book promotes the power of women’s narratives so that future generations can transcend gender inequality and injustice.

Ziyad & The Tiger: Milipede Hunt – Dr Anayasmin Azmi

Ziyad and Tiger went out exploring a their backyard. They learnt a lot on the food chains and how natures live and were amazed on the wonderful creations of Allah SWT.

Light Bulb! and Animals From the Qur’an are other books in the series available at IHRC Bookshop.


Ghazi and the Garden – Zirrar

A new and modern collection of English translations of poetry by Muhammad Iqbal. Considered by many to be the last of the great classical Persian poets, and the first of the modern Muslim philosophers, Iqbal’s work has been pivotal in anti-colonial movements and revolutions throughout the Muslim world in the 20th century.

In both Urdu and English.


Manifestations of the All-Merciful – Abu Muhammad Zaynu’l Abidin

A Journey towards understanding the depths of a daily supplication of the Holy Month of Ramadhan (Allahumma Adkhil ‘alaa Ahl al-Qubur al-Surur). by Abu Muhammad Zaynu’l ‘Abidin.


Part 2 of the series is also available at IHRC Bookshop.


Go Home?: The Politics of Immigration Controversies

In July 2013, the UK government arranged for a van to drive through parts of London carrying the message ‘In the UK illegally? GO HOME or face arrest.’ This book tells the story of what happened next. The vans were short-lived, but they were part of an ongoing trend in government-sponsored communication designed to demonstrate toughness on immigration. The authors set out to explore the effects of such performances: on policy, on public debate, on pro-migrant and

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