Events with Dr Bilal Ware, Imam Dawud Walid and more

Events with Dr Bilal Ware, Imam Dawud Walid and more

We have a few events lined up for you.

Centering the Black Islamic Narrative

IHRC and SOAS Isoc are hosting a much needed event tomorrow. Guest speakers are Dr Bilal Ware and Imam Dawud Walid, both hailing from the US, will discuss the African tradition, Blackness and Islam being interconnected and the whitewashing of Islamic history.

WHEN: 20/12/2021, 18:00 GMT

Author Evening with Dr Bilal Ware

Also join us for an author evening with Dr Bilal Ware to discuss his book, The Walking Qur’an: Islamic Education, Embodied Knowledge, and History in West Africa. This event will be hosted by Talha Ahsan.

WHEN: Tuesday, 21 December, 2021, 6.45pm GMT
WHERE: this event will be streamed live on IHRC.TVYouTube and 

The book will be available to purchase at the event. To preorder online, click on the book title above.

Upcoming Genocide Memorial Day

Genocide Memorial Day takes place on the third Sunday of January each year. It was started by IHRC in 2010 to commemorate past and ongoing genocides, and to raise awareness around genocide prevention. Since then events have taken place all over the world.

For the GMD project, the act of remembrance is not limited by the background of either the victims or the perpetrators of any of the genocides.

WHEN: Sunday 16 January 2022, 1pm UK time
WHERE: Online, ihrc.tvYouTube and Facebook
THEME: How states sanitise genocide and genocidal acts

Mallima Zeenah speaks about the Zaria Massacre

Watch the respected Mallima Zeenah Ibrahim recount in brief the events of the Zaria massacre in December 2015.

To find out more about the massacre and incarceration of more than a thousand including Mallimah Zeenah, and also the killings of more than a thousand, including three of Mallimah’s sons, visit the background page of the FreeZakzaky campaign, which includes links to reports, articles and videos. Further links below the videos. Mallimah Zeenah and Sheikh El-Zakzaky were released in August 2021, however some cases still remain unresolved, and justice for the victims of violence still needs resolution.

Via ABS TV on YouTube 14 December 2021

Below are a couple of books available at our store. For more books, click here.

Story of the Elephant

A unique Pop-up Activity Book of the well-known and loved Story of The Elephant, Surah Al-Fil, from Chapter 105 of the Holy Qur’an. With hand-drawn creative illustrations, interactive flaps, a children’s colouring mat, press-out activity and quiz included, this Pop-up Activity Book aims to truly inspire and excite young hearts to engage with the magnificent historical event of Abraha’s army of elephants going to destroy the Ka’ba.

Nadiya’s Kitchen: Over 100 Simple, Delicious, Family Recipes

The nation fell in love with Nadiya and her outstanding bakes when she won Great British Bake Off in 2015, now discover her incredible recipes – from innovative twists on traditional classics, to failsafe recipes for staple meals and bakes. With chapters ranging from ‘Lazy Sunday Mornings’ to ‘Midnight Feasts’, ‘Snacks and Sharing’ to ‘Dessert for Dinner’, you’ll find ideas for any time of the day, and for all the family.

Lessons From Surah Yusuf – Dr Yasir Qadhi

Surah Yusuf, a chapter of the Qur’an (Koran), was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad at a critical juncture of his life. This was the time when he had gone through ten to eleven years of ridicule and rejection in Makkah, a time when he lost his wife and partner, Khadija, a time when he lost his dear uncle Abu Talib. Allah revealed this precious surah to strengthen the Prophet Muhammad’s heart. To remind him that he lives in the footsteps of the great prophets of the past and that Allah’s help and support is there.

This surah is full of meaningful messages of patience, reliance on Allah and how to overcome hardship and betrayal. It was also educational, teaching the Prophet Muhammad the answers to queries that were posed to him by the local Jews and Muslims. Finally this surah was a timely morale booster for the Prophet and his companions in a time of need.

Yasir Qadhi has clearly divided the surah into related themes, as per the revelations, so that the reader can easily understand and grasp the great wealth of knowledge relayed through this surah to all.

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