Fifth Week against the Apartheid Wall: 9th – 16th November 2007

Fifth Week against the Apartheid Wall: 9th – 16th November 2007

We call on the world to take action from November 9 – 16 to raise awareness of the global silence and complicity
with the occupation of our land and ethnic cleansing of our people and to join the movement for boycott, divestment
and sanctions.
1947: On November 29, against the very principle of self-determination, the UN resolved on the plan for the partition
of Palestine under UN resolution 181. This paved the way for our Nakba (catastrophe) that lead to the destruction
of over 500 Palestinian villages and the transformation of the majority of the Palestinian people into refugees.
This opened the path for the continuous expulsion and systematic discrimination against our people and the relentless
colonization of our land. Apartheid Israel today keeps full control over all of historic Palestine while we are imprisoned
behind eight meter high walls.
2007: The Zionist walls – fragmenting the West Bank, encaging Gaza and ghettoizing Palestinians within the Green
Line – are the cornerstones of the Zionist plans to drive us from our land. They stand as proof of international silence
and complicity with Israeli policies and crimes. They are warning signs that our resistance must not abate and that
your action is more urgently needed now than ever.
As Palestinians we will escalate resistance once again during
the Week against the Apartheid Wall – November 9 – 16.
We know that continued struggle is our only hope.
We ask all those that stand with the Palestinian people and our struggle for justice, liberation and return and against colonialism,
war and racism to heed this call and to:
• Mobilize and raise awareness against Israel’s Apartheid Wall and policies
• Choose a target to focus your action:
• Target your media: Ask them to tell the truth about the last 60 years in Palestine! – check out our media briefing on
the Palestinian threatened Villages on both sides of the Wall.*
• Target your political representatives: Ask them to stand up for justice in Palestine and against the Zionist Walls
– check out our activist material on the OECD’s invitation to Apartheid Israel and Arms Trade with the Occupation.*
• Target the business that supports Israeli Apartheid – check out our activist material on Veolia’s and Agrexco’s
involvement in Israeli apartheid.*
Join the global mobilization for 2008 to end the ongoing Nakba now!
Endorse the ICNP action call for the Nakba Year – Mobilize on May 15, 2008!
Target the United Nations: November 29 is the Day for Palestinian Rights! Start implementing our rights NOW! –
check out the petition to the UN General Secretary!*

*Online on from October 1, 2007.

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