Forwarded Alert: Request your MP to sign EDM to Save Afzal Guru

Forwarded Alert: Request your MP to sign EDM to Save Afzal Guru

Forwarded alert from Save Afzal Guru Campaign


03 May 2007

Forwarded Alert: Request your MP to sign EDM to Save Afzal Guru

1. Background

Mohammad Afzal Guru is a Kashmiri Muslim facing execution for his
alleged role in the attack on the Indian Parliament in December 2001.

John McDonnell MP has tabled an Early Day Motion calling for the death
sentence to be revoked and for an inquiry into the conviction.

Afzal faces hanging although:

* There is no direct evidence against him and he is known not to have
injured or harmed anyone
* The Courts have found that the investigating agencies deliberately
fabricated evidence and forged documents against him and others accused
* He was severely tortured by the Special Cell of the Delhi police and
was forced to \”confess\” in front of the national media thereby
prejudicing the outcome of the trial.
* He was denied an opportunity to defend himself – he did not even have
a lawyer

Afzal was due to be hanged on October 20, 2006 but a stay on his
execution was obtained through a Mercy Petition to the Indian
He is still waiting to hear whether the President will intervene to
his life. Right-wing elements in India have begun a campaign to speed
the process of execution.

For further information on Afzal Guru\’s case, please visit

2. Suggested Action

A. Write to your MP and request him/her to sign the Early Day Motion.
The EDM can be read at

For contact details of who your MP is and where to write to them, visit

B. Send Afzal Guru a letter of support and encouragement. Send letters

Mohammad. Afzal Guru
s/o Habibullah
Convict under Death Sentence
High Security Ward,
Jail No.3,
Tihar Jail,

C. Write to the Indian President, Foreign Office, the European
Parliament and others requesting them to intervene in the case. Full
details and sample letters can be found at

D. Visit the new campaign website for regular
updates. The Save Afzal Guru Campaign asks campaigners to be patient as
the website is currently under construction.

Following a demonstration in support of Mohammad Afzal Guru organised
by the South Asia Solidarity Group outside the Indian Embassy on 26
January 2007, a committee of organisations was set up to form the Save Afzal Guru campaign. These include the South Asia Solidarity Group, CAMPACC, the Islamic Human Rights Commission, the 1857 Committee, and

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