Imam Mahdi Justice & Globalisation

Imam Mahdi Justice & Globalisation

9.30-10.00 Registration

10.00-10.05 Recitation of Holy Quran

10.05-10.15 Welcome and Opening Remarks

A. Moezzi, Director of the Islamic Centre of England

Panel 1: (10.15-11.50)

Mahdism: A Global Perspective
Chair: Saied Reza Ameli, Iran

10.15-10.35 Coming Out or Comeback? Sunni v. Shi`i Views of Mahdism Today

Timothy R. Furnish, Georgia Perimeter College, USA

10.35-10.55 Mahdism and Post-Modern Eschatology

Kaveh L. Afrasiabi, Boston University, USA

10.55-11.15 Fighting the Matrix: The Necessity of a Global Theological Politics – A Christian Perspective

Frank Julian Gelli, Arkadash Network, UK

11.15-11.35 Globalisation in the Holy Quran

S. Z. Makki, Islamic Centre of England, UK

11.35- 12.00 Panel Discussion

12.00 – 12.20 The End of the Times

A Film Produced by Saeed Abbasi

12.20-14.00 Prayer and Lunch Break

Panel 2: (14.00-16.00)

Globalisation: Islamic and Western Views
Chair: D. Pidcock, UK

14.00-14.20 The Human-Friendly and Dehumanised Forms of Globalisation

Ali H. Al-Hakim, Institute of Islamic Studies, UK

14.20-14.40 Globalisation, the Messianic Age and the Nature of Time

Oliver Leaman, University of Kentucky, USA

14.40-15.00 Chosen Globalisation and Hegemonic Globalisations: Futurist Expectations of Final Revitalization of Human Life-The Second Coming

Saied Reza Ameli, University of Tehran, Iran

15.00- 15.20 Western Globalisation and Islamic Globalism

Seyed Sadegh Haghighat, Mofid University, Iran

15.20-16.00 Panel Discussion

16.00-16.30 Break

Panel 3: (16.30-18.00)

Mahdism in Contemporary Political Views
Chair: Oliver Leaman, USA

16.30-16.50 USA and the “Capitalist Globalisation”.

Amir De Martino, Islamic Centre of England, UK

16.50-17.10 Mahdism: A Globalist Theological Perspective

Hamid Hadji Haidar, Islamic centre of England, UK

17.10-17.30 One God, One Government and One Global Village

Seyyed Jawad Havaei, Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization, Iran

17.30-18.00 Panel Discussion

18.00-18.10 Closing Remarks

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