Islamophobia 2022

Islamophobia 2022

Is the Sun Setting on the Western Empire? Exploring Shifts in Global Power and Islamophobic Thinking

Geographically, the sun sets in the West. But has the time now come that the sun is setting, geopolitically, on the West? Western countries defined and distinguished themselves from other nations and regions by a set of self-describing values, often presented as cardinal virtues. These include liberal democracy, adherence to the rule of law and social tolerance. Yet, each of these so-called virtues appears to be at risk with recent transformations. Manipulations of elections and voter suppression schemes place in doubt the primacy and legitimacy of democratic processes. Immunity of the elite and leadership from accountability or even criminal prosecution contradicts the claim that western nations represent fidelity to an open, transparent and fair judicial and political system. And the restrictive space given Muslims in the public sphere of several western countries exposes the hypocrisy of societies that purportedly promote freedom of expression for all.

While the 19th and 20th centuries witnessed the near unbridled assertion of western power through colonialism, imperialism and hegemonic imposition, the 21st century has shown a retraction, even deterioration of such unchallenged hubris. The emergence of counterforces like Russia and China have confronted the presumption of western superiority, spreading their influence in areas once perceived to be the exclusive province of the West.

Some will welcome this development, given the history of exploitation and suppression at the hands of western powers. At the same time, questions abound whether a metaphoric or actual tilt of the earth’s axis away from occidental dominance will augur a better geopolitical future for various regions, especially those within the Islamicate.

The West will not concede to the new shifts and their potential for the loss of power and influence. Will it respond by realizing its deviation from its own professed, defining values, or will it further alienate, marginalize and target vulnerable groups, like Muslim communities, through an intensified hypernationalism? Likewise, will Muslims, whether those living in the West as minorities or in majority Muslim countries, fall prey to greater tribalism and division, and will such disunity be exploited, both by the West and its emerging counterweight? And finally, will the new competition to Western dominance approach the Islamicate in a spirit of equity and justice or will it merely approach the Muslim world with its own expressions of Islamophobia?

This conference will explore the impact the decline of Western hegemony may have on the Islamicate, particularly as it pertains to expressions and deployments of Islamophobia. It will assess the conditions of and consequences for the Islamicate residing in the periphery, as well as Muslims living in majority countries. It will further review the impact of culture and geopolitical transformation on creating, expanding or contracting Muslim spaces and representations in society. Finally, the conference will evaluate mechanisms within the Islamicate to engage with the current and impending transitions that will affect it.

Islamophobia Conference 2022: Round-up

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Islamophobia Conference 2022: Is Islamophobia a symptom of western decline?

The conference can we watched online  If you want to send questions please watch and interact on The treatment of Muslims by several western countries has not only exposed the hypocrisy of societies that purportedly champion universal values but may even signal the