Letter to Indonesian president re mistreatment of Rohingya refugees

Letter to Indonesian president re mistreatment of Rohingya refugees

E. Joko Widodo

President of the Republic of Indonesia

Istana Merdeka

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Dear President Widodo


We the undersigned call on you to immediately intervene to secure the safety of Rohingya refugees, both those already in Indonesia and those trying to arrive into the country.

Disturbing footage is circulating on mainstream and social media showing local students in Aceh violently forcing the removal Rohingya women and children from a temporary shelter in Banda Aceh. The images show students, many wearing jackets with different universities’ insignias, running into the convention centre’s basement, chanting “Kick them out” and “Reject Rohingya in Aceh”. Women and children can be seen cowering in fear and crying while being shielded by police. According to reports, the refugees were later transferred in trucks to another temporary facility. UNHCR said the incident had left the refugees “shocked and traumatised”.

Reports have also emerged of the Indonesian navy driving away a refugee boat laden with Rohingya refugees trying to reach Aceh. In the incident, which took place last week, a wooden boat was intercepted off the coast off Sumatra and shadowed out of Indonesian territorial waters.

This kind of behaviour against refugees seeking sanctuary from systemic and murderous persecution in their homeland is unacceptable by any standards. We cannot allow a situation whereby the stateless Rohingya, described by the UN as the world’s most persecuted minority, are fleeing oppression in Myanmar only to be denied landing by a third country and hostility from its citizens. Under Islamic norms and values it is incumbent on the Indonesian authorities to take in and protect refugees. The kind of hostility, racially motivated incitement and mob violence we are currently seeing against the Rohingya has no place in any civilised society, let alone a Muslim one, and must be rectified immediately. These are refugees who have escaped decades of persecution in Myanmar only to find that the same kind of horrors await them in the Muslim society in which they expected to find peace and security.

We urge you to intervene urgently to ensure that all Rohingya refugees in Indonesia are allowed entry into the country, afforded the full protection of the state and treated according to international human rights standards and conventions.



Islamic Human Rights Commission

Citizens International

5 Pillars

Alliance of World Mosques In Defence of Al Aqsa

Association for Muslim Minorities Advocacy and Research Malaysia.

Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK

CAGE International

Humanitarian and Justice Organization of Cambodia.

InMinds Human Rights Group

Institute Advocacy for Justice and Peace

Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations

Masjid Brotherhood Network Malaysia

Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK

Persatuan Persaudaraan Muslimah Malaysia

Persatuan Ulama Kedah

Secretariate for Ulama Assembly of Asia.

TERAS Pengupayaan Melayu.

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