London Muslims to Pray for Peace

London Muslims to Pray for Peace



17th March 2004


London Muslims have been called to pray for peace in the city this Friday. Following the recent tragedy in Madrid fears have been growing over a similar fate befalling the capital city.

In a letter addressed to all of London’s major mosques and community centres, Kumar Murshid, the Chairman of the London Muslim Coalition (LMC), said:

“We urge all Imams and community leaders to include special prayers for peace and tranquillity in our great city and throughout the world. At a time of such confusion, pain and grief we as Muslims must stand up to condemn all acts of terrorism that threaten the lives of innocent people.

“We must be vigilant in the defence of peace and must be part of efforts to ensure that peace and security prevail for all.

“Peace and security are the essence of Islam and there is no greater struggle than ensuring that harmony exists in society.

“Friday prayers are an exercise in community consolidation. It gives Muslims a unique opportunity for introspection and reflection over current events. And an occasion to make a comment on affairs affecting society.

“In Islam, prayers are the ultimate weapon available to the masses in efforts to change the evil perpetuated by a few men and in the spread of goodwill and God’s Grace among mankind.”

Imam Shahid Reza of the Council of Imams in the UK said:
“Praying for peace has always been part of the Islamic tradition. At times like this our mosques must echo with pleas for protection from tragedy and forbearance for the relatives of innocent victims. The perpetuation of a state of fear and insecurity is not part of the teachings of all the major faiths. I support the call to pray for peace and harmony in London which happens to be a great Muslim metropolis in Europe.”
(contact: 07715115562)

Massoud Shadjareh of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, one of LMC’s core members said:
“LMC is deeply concerned that the peace and security we dearly crave and pray for are becoming ever distant as a result of the heedless march of the US and UK in their ‘war on terrorism’. Events in Madrid and the resounding vote of the Spanish people have made it clear that the world is a less safer place as a result of allied action.
(contact: 07958522196)

Some major mosques/community centres in London:

Fadi Itani
Muslim Welfare House
02072812687 (fax)

Dr Abdul Karim
Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre
Al-Manar Centre
02089682928 (fax)

Hamid Golsharifi
Islamic Centre of England
Maida Vale

Abdullah Al-Fallaq
East London Mosque
White Chapel E1

Aziziye Mosque
Stoke Newington N16

Dr Ahmed Dubyan
Islamic Cultural Centre
Regents Park Mosque

Info for editors::

About the London Muslim Coalition (LMC):
• Contact for press release:
Kumar Murshid, Chairman, LMC 07957297964
Masoud Shadjareh, Islamic Human Rights Commission 07958522196
Humera Khan, An-Nisa Women Society 07786846784
Fareena Alam, Q-News, the Muslim magazine 07985143263
Ssamar Mashadi, FAIR 020 8969 7373
• The LMC is an assembly of individuals and organisations working with or for Muslim communities in London
• It constitutes of key workers in the field of media, human rights, women’s and youth issues, social and political activism and social welfare
• The primary purpose of the Coalition is to work towards making London a better place for its inhabitants regardless of religion or race by advocating and pursuing policies aimed at inclusion and fairness

Some facts about Muslim London:
• London has more than 250 mosques and centres
• Nearly one out of ten Londoners is a Muslim
• More than half of Britain’s two-million Muslims reside in the city
• Only Mecca and Medina, the two most holiest cities in Islam, have a more diversified Muslim population: London is host to Muslims from over 100 Muslim countries

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