Entrevista com Robert Rustem, Arzu Merali e Sandew Hira


Read the full article published in Salade Imprensa on 5th March 2013

Sandew Hira is an economist and the Director of the International Institute for Scientific Research in the Netherlands. He has published extensively on the anti-colonial struggles in Suriname and migration in the Netherlands. He is currently developing an Encyclopedia which focuses on the Colonial history of Suriname. He is also known for engaging enthusiastically with Decolonial Thought.

Robert Rustem is the current Executive Secretary of the European Roma and Travellers Forum. Recent interventions point to a rise of Romaphobia and ethnic hatred in Europe. His suggestions of a resurgent intolerance in Europe against Roma communities in particular and the nascent possibilities for conflict/violence aim to bring valuable insight to the dialogical interchange.

Arzu Merali is the Director and Co-founder of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, based in London, where she works as a committed activist. As a researcher and writer, she has published on Islamic Feminism, Media representations, Critical Race Theory, Intercultural Communication and Decolonial Thought.

This interview was carried out by Olivier Guiot, Carla Paiva and Pedro Sousa Almeida, junior researchers at CES.

Listen to the audio here: