Author Evening with Katy Sian – ‘Conversations in Postcolonial Thought’


We were joined by author and academic Katy Sian to discuss the launch of her new book: Conversations in Postcolonial Thought. Based on original material Conversations In Postcolonial Thought offers a series of 12 conversational interviews with a diverse set of postcolonial thinkers from across the globe in the social sciences and humanities. Using a biographical approach to map out life histories, uniquely this book not only examines the key ideas of the thinkers interviewed, but it also invites readers to share their personal journeys to help one understand the experiences that led to their work within the field. Discussing topics ranging from Bob Marley to the Black Panthers, Fanon to feminism, anti-apartheid to the academy, Checkpoint Charlie to climate change, and Wittgenstein to the war on terror, this book uncovers a set of thought provoking adventures about intellect, resistance and empowerment.

She spoke in detail about her experience of writing the book and having the chance to meet so many influential thinkers. Probed by the audience Katy explored the accessibility of her book and pondered how best to restructure the world.

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