Ramon Grosfoguel – Decolonising The University

On January 18 2016 at Cambridge University, Professor Ramon Grosfoguel held a talk entitled ‘Decolonising the University’.

In the context of the South African student movement to decolonize universities known as Rhodes Must Fall South African and its extension to other parts of the world including the UK, Prof. Ramon Grosfoguel’s talk provides a historical narrative about the formation of the epistemic racist/sexist structures that are foundational to Westernized Universities. The talk links the emergence of the racist/sexist knowledge structures of the modern/colonial world that gives epistemic privilege to Western men, to four genocides/epistemicides in the long 16th century (1450-1650). These four silenced and ignored genocides/epistemicides are at the foundation of epistemic White/Male Supremacy and epistemic apartheid. The talk was held January 18, 2016 at Cambridge University.

Ramon Grosfoguel’s talk can be listened to here.