Audio: Shaikh Zakzaky – Victim Of The Sectarian Military Complex

Imam Muhammad al-Asi’s Friday Khutbah overviews the sectarian position around Sheikh Zakzaky from Shi’is and Sunnis.

Part one runs until approx 24 mins and covers issues around Sheikh Zakzaky and sectarianism; part two covers the latest moonsighting controversy concerning the Saudis, and related issues in the news this week.

Imam al-Asi covers the following: (i) Sh. Zakzaky a victim of sectarianism; (ii) The substance of the Jum’ah in the street; (iii) Moonsighting drama; (iv) Saudi closes down Arabic foundation in US; (v) Salman Al Awdah’s trial gets postponed; (vi) Saudis receive Iranian hujjaj courteously; (vii) Sudais the sell-out says Quds must be rescued from Zionists; (viii) Saudi women travelling don’t need mahram’s; (ix) Tunisia refuses entry to a critic; (xii) New film in Jordan says Yahud have a right to Palestine and Southern Jordan; (xii) Tunisian Minister says sex commercialization exists in Tunisia (xiii) Yemeni resistance increases attacks on Saudi Regime; (xiv) Italian arms company stops selling arms to Arabian Regimes; (xv) Former Saudi opposition figure likens Masjid Al Aqsa to any ordinary Masjid; (xvi) Withdrawn and retired Muslims; (xvii) Lebanese entertainer calls for Palestinians to be out in gas chambers like Hitler did to jews.