Florida: Police forcibly remove Muslim girl’s hijab

Watch Waqar Rizvi conferring with a panel of experts on recent International events in the SCOPE regarding the case of 18 year old Alaa Massari arrested at a BLM protest and forced to remove her hijab by law enforcement.

Guests include Saeed A. Khan, co-author with Saied R. Ameli of ‘What’s Going on Here? Muslim Experiences of Islamophobia between Obama and Trump’ and Hakimeh Saghaye-Biria author of ‘Political Islamophobia at US Think Tanks: Battling the Power of Islamic Resistance’ both published by IHRC on 30 June 2020.

Topics: 1. Florida: Police forcibly remove Muslim girl’s hijab 2. Iraq: Paramilitary forces arrested Guests: * Saeed Khan – Media Contributor (Detroit) * Mariam Durrani – Anthropologist (New York) * Nazia Kazi – Ethnographer (Philadelphia, PA) * Hakimeh Saghaye Biria – Author (Tehran) * Ahmed Al-Kinani – Political Analyst (London)