Muslim Unity March

Muslim Unity March

Muslim Unity March


Date: Saturday 30th April 2005
Start Time: 10.30 am
Assembly Venue:
Speakers Corner,
Marble Arch
Hyde Park
London W1
Route: Marble Arch to Paddington Green Police Station

\\\”A Muslim is a brother to a Muslim, he neither forsakes him nor abandons him…\” (Bukhari and Muslim)

As the Home Affairs Select Committee pointed out in its recent report, good community relations are being damaged by anti-terror laws that stigmatise and demonise the Muslim community. Various organisations have come together to plan the largest Muslim Anti Terror Civil Rights March on a non-partisan, Muslim unity platform. With the elections looming, it is essential that the Muslim community sends a clear message against the \’climate of fear\’ that has been created by the draconian laws and disproportionate arrests targeted at a community which has made a significant contribution to this society.

It\’s time we stood together as a community, to be strong and confident. Join the biggest Muslim unity anti-terror march Britain has witnessed. All Muslim organisations and mosques have been invited. This march is non-partisan and non-sectarian. There has already been a planning meeting on Sunday 10th April between 6-9pm in London.

Mosques have been requested to announce the demonstration, please request your Imam to announce the march. We want to produce a big advert in the national press. We need your donations to do this.

For more details or to help us please contact:
Tel: 07915 063 564

Organisations and Individuals supporting this march:

Ahlul-Beyt Islamic Mission
Amal Trust
Bangla 2000
Bangladeshi Community Initiative
Bradford University Islamic Society
Brunel University Islamic Society
Cage Prisoners
Crescent International
ELCAST(East London Communties against State terrorism)
Fuad Nahdi, Q News Editor in Chief
Guy\’s, Kings & St Thomas\’ School of Medicine Islamic Society
Imam Shakeel Beig (Kent and Lewisham Islamic Centre)
Imperial College Ahlul Beyt Islamic Society
Imperial College London Islamic Society
Innovative Minds
Islamic Affairs Central Network (IACN)
Islamic Foundation of Ireland
Islamic Human Rights Commission
Islamic Observatory Centre
Islamic Party of Britain
Islamic Society of Southampton
Kingston University Islamic Society
Leeds University Islamic Society
Martin Mubanga (former Guantanamo detainee released without charge)
Masjid Tawheed, Leyton
Maulana Faiz ul Aqtab Siddiqui, President of the International Muslims Organisation
Morden Masjid, Surrey
Muslim Council of Southampton
Muslim Directory
Muslim Professionals UK
Nottingham Trent University Islamic Society
Prisoners of the West
Queen Mary and Westfield College Ahlul Beyt Islamic Society
Queen Mary and Westfield College Islamic Society
Salah Al Din Youth Club
Save Chechnya Campaign
Shaikh Suliman Gani, Imam of Tooting Islamic Centre
Sheikh Haitham Haddad
Stop Political Terror
The Ramadhan Foundation
The Revival (
UKIM Luton Mosque
Union of University London ISoc
University College London Ahlul-Beyt Islamic Society
University of Bradford Islamic Society
University of Cambridge Islamic Society
University of Essex Friends of Palestine Society
University of Oxford Islamic Society
Vestry Park FC
Youth Network of COEJ ( Council of European Jamaaats)



The Muslim Unity Demonstration fliers and posters will be ready for you to pick up on Thursday 21st April from either East London Masjid or Al-Muntada Al-Islami at Isha time, inshallah.



Your support is essential for Muslims to make an impression on what the community thinks is important. To this end, here are some suggested banners for the demonstration day. Any further suggestions should be sent to

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