New Look Website and What’s New at Part 1

New Look Website and What’s New at Part 1

Islamic Human Rights Commission

30th September 2005

New Look Website and What\’s New at Part 1

Salamun alaykum,

We hope this email finds you in good spirits insha Allah.

Below are some highlights from the new look IHRC website. Please send us your feedback on the changes. Also watch out for our on-line shop and donation facility going live in the next few days and help us this Ramadan.

IHRC relies on its many supporters for their financial and physical support and their prayers to remain an effective and independent organisation. Please help us stay that way and develop so that we can help all those asking for our support.

Our new newsletter is available to download from:

Please contact the office on if you would like more copies from a few to few thousand.


The Citizen’s Jury, Reading: Discussing ‘Respect’
22 September 2005
Read a short report and listen to the BBC audio about the Citizens\’ Jury in Reading organised by the University of Newcastle and BBC Radio 4 Today, which IHRC is supporting.

Secular or Islamic? What Schools do British Muslims want for their Children?
06 July 2005
A report by Saied R. Ameli, Aliya Azam, and Arzu Merali for the Islamic Human Rights Commission.


United To Protect Our Rights
08 September 2005
Protect Our Rights: A briefing document on the governments anti-terrorism proposals.

A joint analysis from UK’s leading civil society organisations.

The Plight of Chechen Refugees revisited
21 March 2005
A review of the treatment of Chechen refugees in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Poland.

Briefing: Britain: An Outpost of Tyranny
04 February 2005
With Home Secretary, Charles Clarke’s latest proposals on dealing with terror suspects drawing as much controversy as his predecessor’s ideas, IHRC examines whether Britain is crossing the line to becoming a police state.

Incidents page
Incident Reporting Form (Online)
New IHRC service for reporting anti-Muslim harassment or discrimination online. Please take a look at it and, if you have been harassed or discriminated, fill in the form and make a contribution in improving the condition for the British Muslims.

Islamophobia Awards

A website voting service for nominating the most Islamophic figures in Britain and around the world for the IHRC annual Islamophia Awards event.


Have you got a role model? Do you feel that their contributions to British society are Unrecognised? Well nominate them now for the volume 8 of IHRC \”British Muslims Expectations of the Government\” series.

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