A horse told Michael there’s a monster at our school


Michael said there is a monster at our school. Some grown-ups got scared so to calm them down we searched all over the school. Michael said a horse told him about the monster so we looked for the horse too. We looked under all the tables and chairs, we looked in the cupboards, in the assembly hall and in the playground- no monster and no talking horse.

Michael still thought there was a monster. He said that since a horse had told him it must be true. Grown-ups sometimes use their imagination a bit too much. He sent some of his friends called MGI inspectors to our school to look for the monster. The inspectors searched the head teacher’s office, the staff room and the library but the monster wasn’t there.

Michael told the newspapers and the television and everyone heard about our monster. He told the Prime Minister and it turns out, the Prime Minister believes in our monster too. They even think that the monster is turning all the children at our school into monsters. This time they sent special monster detecting inspectors. They really like looking for monsters and they didn’t want to disappoint the Prime Minister so although they couldn’t find the monster, they just said the monster must be hiding really well.

The police came to join the hunt. They suspect our teacher is the monster (LOL) but we would have noticed that by now. An organisation called PRETEND took a scarecrow away from the vegetable plot because it encouraged five a day.

If they ask us, we can tell them: there is no monster at our school. Poor Michael, he is still scared of a monster that isn’t there because of a letter from a horse.

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