Europe Repeats Itself! – The Gangrene of Colonial Racism


Colonial racism and its chauvinistic nationalism is threatening to unleash another genocide in Europe. The western colonial projects that were a precursor to the Holocaust – German genocide against the Herero in Namibia in the early 20th century and the United States’ genocide against indigenous people in North America in the 19th century – are still very much alive and active today. Satirical images made in the 1920s and 1930s to dehumanize Jews, Roma people, or non/Western colonial subjects, are today normalized when directed towards Muslims and Black people. The refrain “never again” has been distorted and hijacked to mean “never again” just for Jews.

We see once again the repetition of criminal behavior from White European political and economic elites in crimes against humanity, overt exercise of brutal force and torture toward colonial bodies, illegal wars and interventions, massive killing of millions of human beings from the non-Western world in the name of a “War on Terror”, complicity with Zionist massacres against Palestinians, complicity with oil monarchies such as Saudi Arabia with their Wahhabi ideology as a version of colonialism, which is the inspiration for the violent extremist movements, the invention of the new internal enemy after the end of the Cold War, that is, the Muslim citizen next door and the Western use of extremist attacks for the justification and instrumentalization of an extreme right agenda to take away citizenship rights at home and continue criminal military neocolonial expeditions abroad for the control of oil, gold, uranium or gas.

Western hypocrisy and racist double standards in domestic and foreign policy is the order of the day. Today Europeans can feel free to issue any racist slander about Muslims (including European Muslims) that was said in the past about Jews with impunity, legitimacy and no shame. Islamophobia as a form of state racism produces policies and discourses against Muslims not allowed against Jews. Islamophobia is the last “respectable” racism! It is the new racist common sense shared by the broad spectrum of the “White political field” from the extreme White Left to the extreme Right passing through center left, center right and other political positions. Islamophobia, as a “respectable” form of racism, allows them to say anything that insults and dehumanizes Muslims without constraint.

Europe needs to be decolonized to save itself from the destructive forces that imperialism, white supremacy and colonial racism generates. We are warning that the conditions of possibility for a new European genocide are here once again. It will not happen in the same way, it will not have the same victims and it will not repeat the same methods as during World War II. It will arrive with new methods, new victims and new rhetorical devices with the mass approval of people who think of themselves as “progressive” and “civilized.” But there is continuity between the old and the new methods: the cancer of colonial state racist blind irrationality. We need a new civilization beyond the Western civilization of death! Let’s struggle for a decolonial anti-imperialist Europe to impede Europe from repeating itself!

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