#RhodesMustFall continues to be a monumental achievement as well as movement, and Decoloniality Europe is proud to voice its support for this. This movement has shown what decolonisation of the mind means in practical terms but also within colonised political spaces. We are no longer trapped by the arbitrary boundaries of discipline and public life set by colonial elites, nor are we afraid to breach the barriers and niceties that have precluded such action before.

This moment is special and we must use it to take forward the movement of those that preceded us, whether they be Lumumba, Shariati, Davis, Cleaver, Malcolm X and the thousands and millions others unnamed who have sacrificed their all in this way.

Standing in Oxford today, we are standing in one of the major bastions that holds up and reproduces colonial structures world-wide. “Rhodes Falling” is not just about the symbolism of colonised academia, or even about reclaiming this space. It’s a rewriting of the terms, it’s a remaking of order, and it’s the beginning of the next stage of decolonisation.

Decoloniality Europe proudly supports and stands with our friends in this and all the struggles for decolonisation world-wide. Patience and struggle will be rewarded.