Trump and the decline of American imperialism


First, let us not overreact. The difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is not about reactionaries versus progressives. It is about reactionaries who want to save American imperialism by withdrawing from costly wars and rebuilding their long term economic strength on the one hand and reactionaries that think America is strong enough to perpetuate their wars of domination. Forget that Clinton was ever a progressive. She was always a right-wing hawk in the Democratic Party. Trumps victory might be a blessing for the world if he really pushes for leaving the path of war. It is anyway a curse for the people of the United States to have a president elected with the sentiments of racism, bigotry and sexism.

Second, we should reflect on the meaning and impact of social movements such as occupy and Black Live Matters. Was there a way of the American activist to intervene in the elections in a decisive way or are they just irrelevant bystanders? As activists we should think about these questions.

Third, for decolonial activist outside the US nothing has changed. We are facing just the next president of the empire. The problem is not the president. The problem is the empire.