The world is demanding “Free Zakzaky”

Protests have intensified demanding the release of Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, who is currently held in illegal detention. Intense and mass demonstrations have continued daily across Nigeria, often met by police and army brutality and extreme violence, including live fire. From the UK to Australia, Malaysia to Canada, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ireland, India and beyond, protests are taking place at every hour of every day across the continents.

Campaigners are urged to join the protests wherever they can, as well as other forms of campaigning. Please see that latest campaign action below. See images from protests around the world below. See our Event Reports for details of even more demonstrations. And our event pages for details of demos in your area. For images of the demonstrations in Nigeria please search for our “Nigeria Digest” for weekly updates on what’s happening and what you can do to help. Contact us info[at]

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People in Indian-controlled Kashmir demand Sheikh Zakzaky’s release

People in Indian-controlled Kashmir demand Sheikh Zakzaky’s release

Gepostet von Press TV am Freitag, 26. Juli 2019
Demonstrations took place after Friday prayers once more across Kashmir, on 26 July