Professor Gus John’s resignation from C of E body – full documents

Professor Gu John (c) Ashley Karrell Photography ( via Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Esteemed academic Professor Gus John resigned last week from a Church of England advisory body in response to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s support for Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvi’s intervention in The Times calling on Jews not to vote for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

The Guardian covered the story here. We are sharing the text and PDFs of Professor John’s full letter of resignation, as well as his thoughts on the matter. You can read more of Professor’s thoughts and articles on his website here. Follow him on Twitter @Gus_John. Watch his presentation at the IHRC Islamophobia Conference of 2016 below and read the report of the event here.

Full letter of resignation PDF / Read on-line

Of Stained-Glass Houses and Stones: Corbyn and anti-Semitism – Professor Gus John answers Archbishop Welby PDF / Read Online

Professor Gus John on the Failure to Deal with the Legacy of Empire at the IHRC / SACC Islamophobia Conference, London, UK 2016