Muslim Prisoners in Britain / FRFI 221 Jun/Jul 2011

An informative article by on Muslim prisoners

Trump and the decline of American imperialism

The victory of Donald Trump bears some important lessons for decolonial activists around the world. From Sandew Hira

Defining ‘Normative Islam’

The publication of a new report seeking to define 'Normative Islam' is long overdue but whether it will actually change reporting and policy-making is a moot point, argues Faisal Bodi.

The Egyptian barriers of silence have been broken and the sun...

Veteran Egyptian activist, D. Ashraf Abdelghaffar commends the Egyptian people's revolt againt Hosny Mubarak's corrupt regime.

The departure of a great fighter: Mirsad Mahmutcehajic

A nation is indebted to his heroism

Reflections on Norway’s Terror Attacks

Iffit Qureshi on the terror attacks in Norway.

Democracy as Domination: Myanmar, Muslims and the Push for Ethnic Hegemony

Arzu Merali looks at implications of the current crisis.

First, we should love ourselves

Response of Houria Bouteldja to third meetings on Immigration, Créteil November 26, 2011

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