Mamade Kadreebux

On the news of the death of Mamade Kadreebux

Beyond a hierarchy of victimhood: The case for Genocide Memorial Day

Adam Majeed argues that forgiveness can only come after recognition.

Gaza’s suffering Heroes April 3 2012

Lauren’s account of the current circumstances of the life in Gaza.

The Great Unravelling

Tunisia, Egypt and the Protracted Collapse of the American Empire by Nafeez Ahmed.

Freedom is my Daughter’s Name

Hijab bans, torture and imprisonment without charge in the late 1990s in Turkey.  This article was originally written in 1997, when a soft coup had removed the democratically elected government.  Whilst some form of democracy has returned to Turkey, women are still barred from university and public positions if they wear the hijab. Gul Aslan, mentioned in this article, was released in 1999 after an IHRC campaign for her release. 

If history is to be believed; Appointment of two police officers...

[Bahrain Freedom Movement 3 Dec 2011] Bahraini opposition have been outraged by the tactics of deception adopted by the Al Khalifa clan as they continue to divert attention away from their crimes and the people's calls for their downfall from power.

A horse told Michael there’s a monster at our school

Comment piece by Gill Cressey on the 'Trojan Horse' row

A marriage of convenience

Faisal Bodi explains how a shared interest in promoting Islamophobia is nourishing an unlikely alliance between Zionist Jews and the extreme far right.

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