Keyword warning software in schools raises red flag


Teachers can also save screenshots or video of a student’s screen which, Impero suggests, could provide “key evidence” to be shared with Channel, the government’s counter-radicalisation programme for young people. The software also features a “confide” function, allowing students to report concerns about classmates anonymously.

But opponents of Prevent, who say it discriminates against Muslims, warned the software risked alienating Muslim communities and criminalising and stigmatising children.

“This software is another step towards a surveillance state,” Abed Choudary of the Islamic Human Rights Commission told Al Jazeera.

“If we want to avoid a world in which students are constantly being spied on and encourage youthful curiosity, debate and freedom of speech, then we need to boycott this software,” Choudary said.

Read the full piece published on Al Jazeera on 4 October 2015