World needs to protect Rohingya Muslims


Press TV:Taking into accord recent comments made by Myanmar’s minister of religious affairs and culture, it seems that any hopes of having the first democratic re-elected government in Myanmar in decades of altering the situation for the Rohingya Muslims seems to be vanishing?

Shadjareh:Absolutely. We have been fearing this for a very long time. As a matter of fact we have reported our concern to the United Nations over this issue that really we are not talking about the juntas behaving badly, it is actually a culture, it is setting in and has been established in Myanmar which demonizes the Muslim citizens and actually denies them their citizenship so therefore denies them any right, whatsoever, and leaves them in the hand of extremists to kill and burn their properties and destroy them and ethnically cleanse Myanmar of Muslims who have lived there for centuries and this is really something that needs to be recognized and addressed.

Up till now the international community has been saying through the process of democratization [that] this will be resolved. Now we know very clearly that that is not the case and the fact that a minister of religion comes out with such bigotry, it actually proves the problem not only exists and is exaggerated and needs to be dealt with a huge urgency.

Read the full piece and watch the interview published on Press TV on 4 April 2016