Anti-Islamophobia kit launched in European Parliament

A new toolkit, which has been introduced to fight rising Islamophobia in Europe, has looked at eight countries to see which biased narratives were being used to spread anti-Muslim hatred and how to counter them.

In the wake of growing racism across Europe, a project to counter Islamophobia was launched in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

Experts and academics gathered at the parliament for the launch of the two-year Counter-Islamophobia Kit (CIK) project funded by the European Commission’s Directorate of Justice.

They called on member states and policymakers to play a more active role in the fight against Islamophobia and strengthen legal procedures on the issue.

TRT World’s Assed Baig reports.

The project reviews dominant anti-Muslim narratives and compares counter-narratives in eight EU members states of France, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Greece, and the UK.

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