The Soleimani Assassination: Are We Heading Towards a New War in the Middle East?

[4 January 2020]Massoud Shadjareh joins an expert panel to discuss recent events.

Listen to the discussion below or on the Sputnik website.

Also joining him to discuss this issue on Sputnik’s Loud & Clear hosted by John KiriakouBrian Becker were Mohammad Marandi, an expert on American studies and postcolonial literature who teaches at the University of Tehran

Dr. Gerald Horne, a professor of history at the University of Houston and the author of many books, including “Blows Against the Empire: US Imperialism in Crisis”

Rania Khalek, a journalist and political activist whose work has appeared in The Nation, The Intercept, Aljazeera, Salon, VICE, and elsewhere

Ted Rall, an award winning journalist and editorial cartoonist whose work features in

Ann Wright, a retired United States Army colonel and former US State Department official in Afghanistan, who resigned in protest following the invasion of Iraq and became an anti-war activist

Ben Norton, a journalist with The Grayzone and co-host of the Moderate Rebels podcast

Jana Nakhal, an independent researcher and a member of the central committee of the Lebanese Communist Party