IHRC condemn UK tactic toward protests

According to Shajareh the British police was forced to confront protesters by the government.

As well as criticizing the tactics police used in dealing with student demonstrations, he continued such behaviours by police on horsebacks and kettling protestors increase tension.

shajareh said that almost all protestors who came into streets, have demanded their legal rights through peaceful protest but they encountered tension and disorder in return.

So, he added, police should make a distinction between the two groups of people attending the demonstration.

He added that the officials have released statistics, based on which 55 people, mainly students, were injured while 34 were arrested by the authorities only on Thursday.

Scotland Yard has launched an investigation into the tuition fee protests, called Operation Malone. The investigation would look through the events from 10 November until Thursday on which students stormed Tory headquarters in Millbank.

The worst violence has involved in student protests, which was held against the government plan to remove the tuition fees cap to treble to up to £9,000. As a result 175 protestors were arrested including 34 who were detained on Thursday.