Nigeria Digest #66

Nigeria Digest #66

Islamic Human Rights Commission
NIGERIA DIGEST 16 December 2018 (Volume 2 Issue 51)

Action Alert


Below please find an update on the continuous Free Zakzaky protests in Nigeria. During this week protests and rallies were held in the Nigerian capital Abuja to mark the third anniversary of the infamous Zaria massacre of 12 December 2015.

We request campaigners to keep the pressure on the Commonwealth by writing emails/letters, demanding the immediate release of the Sheikh and all those unjustly imprisoned.

Please forward any responses to any campaign letters/ emails you have sent to us and please keep the pressure up and send (follow up) letters/emails.  A model letter is provided below in the Action Alert.

To find out more about the Zaria massacre, read IHRC’s submission to the International Criminal Court HERE

To find out how you can help further, please visit the IHRC FreeZakzaky campaign page HERE

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Free Zakzaky!


1. CLICK HERE to know the five things you can do to support the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. You can donate to support the medical expenses of those injured recently by clicking here

2. CLICK HEREto send an email to the Commonwealth and demand their intervention in this case, a model letter and contact details of the Commonwealth are also provided below. Please forward any response you receive to IHRC on

Model email / letter
If you are emailing, please use the following in the subject line:
Three Years of Unlawful Detention of Sheikh Zakzaky

Your name
Your address

Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC
Commonwealth Secretariat
Marlborough House
Pall Mall


Dear Baroness Scotland QC,

Re: Three Years of Unlawful Detention of Sheikh Zakzaky

I am writing to ask for your urgent intervention and to apply pressure on the Nigerian authorities to immediately release the unlawfully detained leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah. 12 December 2018 marked the third anniversary of the Zaria massacre and their unlawful detention.  You are doubtless aware of the details of his case.

On 02 December 2016, the Federal High Court in Abuja ruled that Sheikh Zakzaky and Muallimah Zeenah should be released within 45 days. The court described their detention, which began in December 2015 as illegal and unconstitutional. The deadline for the court order expired on 16 January 2017 but the Nigerian Government has refused to obey the court order. The Nigerian government has kept them detained illegally for over three years now and Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife still remain in the custody of the state, in clear contempt of the court order. The Commonwealth’s silence on this issue is putting more innocent lives at risk. Recently Nigerian authorities have killed over 60 peaceful FreeZakzaky protesters, and arrested, tortured, and injured hundreds of them with live bullets in a barbaric attack on ArbaeenTrek 2018.

I am writing to ask for your urgent intervention to allow the illegally detained Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife to leave Nigeria for urgent medical treatment due to their critically deteriorating, life-threatening medical conditions. The Sheikh’s personal doctor confirmed in his most recent report that his only remaining eye is in danger due to chronic glaucoma and recommended him to be taken abroad for urgent treatment by a specialist, as this is not available in any Nigerian hospital.

It is imperative that you apply pressure on the Nigerian authorities so that they stop killing innocent people and adhere to the High Court judgment of December 2016, and release Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,

Commonwealth Contact Details:

Postal Address: Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5HX, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7747 6500, Fax: +44 (0) 20 7930 0827


#FreeZakzaky Protest At National Mosque Abuja
14 December 2018
A massive #FreeZakzaky protest was arranged from national mosque Abuja on Friday 14 December 2018 to mark three years of Zaria Massacre and the detention of the leader of the Islamic Movement.

Free Zakzaky Rally at National Assembly, Abuja
13 December 2018

Massive Free Zakzaky Rally was organised at National Assembly in Abuja on Thursday the 13th of December 2018 to protest the third anniversary of Zaria massacre and the illegal detention of the leader of Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

Free Zakzaky Protest in Abuja Marking 3 years of Zaria Massacre
12 December 2018
Free Zakzaky Protest in Abuja on Wednesday the 12th of December 2018 marking exactly three years since the 12th Dec 2015 Zaria massacre.

Victim of Army Atrocities Participates in Abuja Free Zakzaky Protest
10 December 2018

Victim of Army Atrocites in Abuja, whose arm was amputated also participated in the daily free Zakzaky protest in Abuja, The Monday the 10th December protest has witnessed enormous youth participation including the lady whose hand was amputated as a result of shot with a live bullet on her arm. 

This is the service of  Nigerian Army/Police led her to be amputee in a country called Nigeria where lives are not valued. She was shot with RPG by the security forces of her country during peaceful Arba’een Symbolic Trek in Abuja on 29 October, 2018. Her limb was later removed in Hospital to save her life.

This is the work of those swore to protect our life and property.

Are we save in this country? If someone can complain because of inflation in the country, what would he say regarding those who are been persecuted since from the inception of the administration to date?  Brothers and Sisters are also the citizens of this country who love the state more than those in the helm of our affairs.

“To the Nigerian army and police, if you kill us, you kill your brothers and sisters. If you kill me personally, you also kill your brother, Our struggle is a struggle to the path of justice and truth. No amount of barrels of guns can suppress us. The truth always prevail at last.” says one of the protesters.


The Zaria Massacre
Published on 14 December 2015
On al-Quds Day in July 2014, a unit of the Nigerian army opened fire on one of the 33 al-Quds Day demonstrations in Zaria, Nigeria. 40 were killed and many injured. This is the story of that day as uncovered by an IHRC team.

Appeal to Help Recent Nigeria Massacre Victims
01 November 2018
The Nigerian authorities have attacked the Islamic Movement of Nigeria leaving dozens dead. They need your help now.


Click here to read the article “Zaria’s military involvement in the massacres”, published on 19 October 2014 in Spy Ghana.

Click hereto read the article “Waiting for Ibrahim Zakzaky” published on 30 December 2015.

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