Nigeria Digest #87

Nigeria Digest #87

Islamic Human Rights Commission
NIGERIA DIGEST 10 June 2019 (Volume 3 Issue 19)

Action Alert


Below please find last week’s update on the Free Zakzaky campaign. During this week Nigerian Army once again opened fire on peaceful #FreeZakzaky protesters in Kaduna. One protester injured in last week’s attack on Quds day procession attained martyrdom.

Click here to watch the weekly message from IHRC chair Massoud Shadjerah about our fundraising and campaigning for the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. Please CLICK here for more information to support the victims of police and army brutality in Nigeria and do share the fundraising video provided. They are in urgent need of our support please DONATE here and encourage others to do the same.

We request campaigners keep the pressure on the African Union by writing emails/letters, demanding the immediate release of the Sheikh and all those unjustly imprisoned. Please forward any responses you receive to us on and keep the pressure up by continuing to send follow-ups. A model letter is provided below in the Action Alert.

To find out more about the Zaria massacre of 2015, read IHRC’s submission to the International Criminal Court here

To find out how you can help further, please visit the IHRC FreeZakzaky campaign page here

Free Zakzaky!


1. Click here to learn the five things you can do to support the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. You can donate to support the medical expenses of those recently injured by Clicking here

2. Please send an email to the African Union and demand their intervention in this case. A model letter and contact details of the African Union are provided below. Please forward any responses you receive to IHRC at

Model email / letter
If you are emailing, please use the following in the subject line:
African Union’s failure to act on human rights abuses in Nigeria

Your name
Your address

H.E. Moussa Faki Mahamat
Chair African Union Commission 
PO Box 3243 Roosevelt Street (Old Airport Area) W21K19,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dear H.E. Mousa Faki Mahamat,
Re: African Union’s failure to act on human rights abuses in Nigeria
Nigeria has been the subject of repeated complaints over its killings of supporters of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria from 2015 onwards and the arrest and prosecution of its leader Sheikh Ibrahim el-Zakzaky, his wife Zeenah and other members.

Nigerian authorities are currently trying Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife along with two other members of the Islamic Movement on trumped up charges relating to events surrounding the massacre in December 2015 by the Nigerian military of over 1000 followers of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.  This case has only been made after the federal court ruled in late 2016 (a year after their detention) that Sheikh Zakzaky’s detention and that of his wife Zeenah was unlawful and unconstitutional and ordered the government to release them by January 16, 2017 and pay compensation. That order was never implemented and the charges were brought against the couple in 2018.
It is imperative that you apply pressure on the Nigerian authorities so that they stop killing innocent people and adhere to the High Court judgement of December 2016, and release Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you, Yours sincerely,

African Union Commission Contact Details:
Postal Address: PO Box 3243 Roosevelt Street (Old Airport Area) W21K19 Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: +251 11 551 7844


Breaking: Soldiers Open Fire At Free Zakzaky Procession In Kaduna
08 June 2019
Soldiers opened fire at a peaceful free Zakzaky procession this evening in Kaduna, injuring at least three. The procession was concluding by the Kaura motors along the popular Nnamdi Azikiwe Express bypass when the soldiers arrived in their truck, and without warning, opened fire using live ammunition. Three people ended up with gunshot wounds, on the back, the arm and the thigh respectively. They have all been rushed to the hospital for medical attention. Free Zakzaky processions have become a common occurrence everywhere and especially in Kaduna. Please click here to read more.

Flashback: Confession Of Crime Against Humanity By Kaduna State Government
03 June 2019

The Kaduna State government has confessed to the secret mass burial of hundreds of the victims of mass extra judicial killings of the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria over one weekend in December 2015 in Zaria.

The confession was made by the Secretary to the State Government, Alhaji Balarabe Abbas while testifying at the Judicial Commission of Inquiry in Kaduna against vehement denial by the Nigerian Army of the existence of any mass grave in relation to the Zaria incident. Please click here for more details.

One Shot In Kaduna Quds Procession Attains Martyrdom
02 June 2019

One of the victims of the police shooting last Friday, 31st May during the International Quds day 2019 procession in Kaduna has attained martyrdom in the early hours of today.

Shaheed Hussein was one of the several people injured following indiscriminate opening of fire by the police in their attempt to violently stop the peaceful protest, and before his demise, was nursing gunshot wounds he sustained in the bestial attack. Click here for more details.


Appeal to Help Recent Nigeria Massacre Victims
Published on 01 November 2018 – IHRC Weekly
The Nigerian authorities have attacked the Islamic Movement of Nigeria leaving dozens dead. They need your help now.

International Quds Day 2019 in Kaduna, in spite of the Police raid
31 May 2019
Thousands have joined this year’s Quds day procession in Kaduna, Nigeria despite brutal Police attacks. Click on following link to watch a short clip of the demonstration.


CLICK HERE to Watch the story of the Al Quds Day in July 2014, when over 40 peaceful demonstrators were killed and many injured by Nigerian Army

CLICK HERE to read The Historic Reflection on Quds Day Massacre 2014

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