Nigeria Digest #97

Nigeria Digest #97

Islamic Human Rights Commission
Nigeria Digest 21 September 2019 (Volume 3 Issue 29)

This week take action, write to the Embassy / High Commission of Nigeria in your country and find out more about the #FreeZakzaky protests and plight of Islamic movement members imprisoned for commemorating Ashura. 

You can find all the latest actions and information, as well as background to the campaign and information, videos and audio and details on the Sheikh on the Free Zakzaky campaign page. The Nigeria Digest is a weekly summary of the campaign to #FreeZakzaky and all who are illegally detained focusing on the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

Action Alert


This week we ask people to write emails/letters to the Embassy/High Commission of Nigeria in your country, demanding that the Nigerian authorities release Sheikh El-Zakzaky, Mallima Zeenah and all those detained during and since the Zaria massacre of 2015 from the Islamic Movement.

This week #FreeZakzaky protests continued in Nigerian capital Abuja, read more about the weekly updates in this digest.

Please help support those injured by police brutality, and the families of those killed by the security services by donating to the IHRC Trust Nigeria Fund here.

Above all please remember all the oppressed in your dua.



Please send an email to the Embassy/High Commission of Nigeria in your country. A model letter and contact details are provided below. Please forward any responses you receive to IHRC at

Model email / letter
If you are emailing, please use the following in the subject line:
Urgent – Release Sheikh El-Zakaky and Mallimah Zeenah

Your name
Your address

Dear [insert the name of  Ambassador / High Commissioner],

Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky and his wife Mallimah Zeenah continue to be detained on false pretences.  I remain deeply concerned about their safety and security.

I demand the Nigerian authorities end this episode with the immediate and unconditional release of both the Sheikh and Mallima.  I am also deeply concerned that hundreds of people have been similarly detained since the Zaria massacre in 2015, and many others have been arrested and detained for taking part in protests.  These arrests and detentions appear to be persecution and I further demand all those detained are also release.

I look forward to your immediate response.  This whole case has deeply tarnished the image of Nigeria in the world at a time when it was thought that Nigeria was transforming and leaving its past behind it.

Yours sincerely,
[Your signature if posting]

Contact Details:
Click on following link to find the name, address and contact details of the relevant diplomat in your country:

Selected names and email addresses of Ambassadors / High Commissioners can be found on the website page of this alert here.  Please contact us if you have trouble finding the details of your country.


Six in Prison Since Three Years for Commemorating Ashura
20 September 2019

Six brothers arrested during Ashura Mourning Commemoration 3 years ago are still languishing in Kaduna prison. On 8th of Muharram 1441 these detainees spent exactly three years since their arrest on 9th of September 2016 without bail. 

They were arrested during Ashura Mourning Gathering by the order of Nasir Elrufa’i the Governor of Kaduna state.
The 6 brothers are: Mallam Abubakar Ahmad, Mallam Mansur Ahmad Karofi, Mallam Hasan Muhammad, Mallam Bilal Abubakar, Mallam Abubakar Saleh Mustapha and Mallam Usman Saleh Mustapha.

Ashura 2019 Attack: Court in Bauchi Grants Bail to 3 Brothers
20 September 2019

A presiding Judge in Bauchi state of Nigeria had on Wednesday the 18/9/2019, granted bail application for 3 brothers out of the scores arrested during the recent nationwide Ashura procession in Nigeria.

Peaceful Ashura Procession was attacked in Bauchi city and Azare town just like others places where the attack was carried out by the Nigerian Police. In Bauchi state, like other towns and villages where Police violently attacked the peaceful procession, 3 people were killed in cold blood in the Bauchi state and many others arrested.

Free Zakzaky protest in Abuja on 19th Sept 2019
19 September 2019
Free Zakzaky Protest in Abuja on Thursday the 19th of September 2019 calling for the release of Sheikh Zakzaky and wife.

Free Zakzaky Protest in Abuja on 17th of Sep
17 September 2019
Free Sheikh Zakzaky protest in the Federal Capital Abuja is staged daily demanding for the total freedom of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife. On Tuesday the 17th of September 2019, followers of the Sheikh took street in Abuja calling for his release.

 free zakzaky protest in Abuja on 17 sept 2019
 free zakzaky protest in Abuja on 17 sept 2019


Kaduna Ashura Procession Attacked By Nigerian Police
10 September 2019
Nigerian Police appear to be firing on 2019 Ashura procession.

Update On Sheikh Zakzaky – How He Responded to The Abusive Treatment
23 August 2019
Massoud Shadjareh discusses how Sheikh El-Zakzaky has responded to abusive treatment by Nigerian and Indian security forces with dignity.

An Appeal for Victims of Violence in Nigeria
Published on 27 May 2019
The Nigerian authorities have attacked the Islamic Movement of Nigeria leaving dozens dead. They need your help now. Support medical costs for those injured in police and army violence against the Islamic Movement. Support the families of those killed.


Click here to read an overview of the number and nature of atrocities committed by the Abacha and subsequent junta against the Muslim Brothers in Nigeria between April 1997 – September 1998.

Click hereto read the IHRC Action Alert in 1998, “Commonwealth foreign ministers to meet Nigerian foreign minister 8/9 October 1998

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