Palestine Internationalist

Israel in the context of the “clash of civilizations”

The State of Israel is the product of a political movement, Zionism, aimed at providing a solution to “the Jewish question”, i.e. the rise of modern Anti-Semitism in Europe at the end of the 19th Century. “The Palestinian question” is the direct result of the unilateral drive to resolve the Jewish question by creating a Jewish State in Palestine, without taking into account the existence and the rights of the indigenous population.

The Price of Friendship

In this piece, Yvonne Ridley speculates as to whether or not Israel would be able to survive independently of aid and support from the United States. Ridley considers whether, politically and economically, Israel has become a greater liability than benefit to its greatest ally.

Permanent war, government, and interests

Review of Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East, by Jonathan Cook, Pluto Press, ISBN 978-0-7453-2754-9, pp204


This issue marks the Nakba with an overview of how a permanent state of war is not just a myth promoted by the Israeli establishment to win international friends. Rather than the besieged, Israel’s genesis and academic, military and political history point towards the drive

The British Media and Muslim Representation: The Ideology of Demonisation

Extracts from a study by the Islamic Human Rights Commission into the representation of Muslims in the media that reflect the intersection of ideas of Palestine and Muslims and Islam in the British media. These particular extracts look at the portrayal of Palestine in some Hollywood movies and suggest that the impact of these types of images and ideas are of huge significance in shaping public opinion against Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims.