Volume 2 – Issue 2

Volume 2 – Issue 2

Review of Al-Quds:al-Qadhiyyah Kulli Muslim [al-Quds: An Issue for All Muslims] By Dr Yusuf Qardhawi

This is a review of a book on al-Quds written by a prominent scholar of the ahlus-sunnah school of law based in Qatar. The book deals with issues connected to Palestine in general. Issues dealt with by the scholar include the place of al-Quds in the Qur’an, the relevance and importance of al-Quds to Muslims. On the political side he deals with the enemy i.e. the Zionist, and their project of destroying al-Quds and installing the temple of Solomon on its ruins. He discusses at length the nature of the enemy utilizing various sources in Arabic and Hebrew. He points towards the support the Americans had given towards Israel in fulfilling their Zionist project of the expansion of Israel. He ends the book by outlining some recommendations for the Muslims in the face of this encroachment towards al-Quds.

Copycat Killing: Turning London into a War Zone?

Following the ruthless killing of an innocent Brazilian in London by British police in July 2005, it rapidly emerged that for many years Britain had secretly adopted a shoot-to-kill policy to deal with suspected human bombers. The policy was implemented following lengthy consultations with and training by members of the Israeli security forces, who themselves are frequently accused of gross human rights abuses. With the civil police force in Britain adopting the brutal tactics of occupying armies, is the UK effectively being turned into a war-zone?

Zionist origins of the global War on Terror: Implications for Palestine solidarity

A relentless war against the Palestinians has been portrayed as Israeli self defence, even as a search for peace. Meanwhile any resistance has been portrayed as the obstacle to peace, even as terrorism. Through this storyline, the so-called ‘international community’ has legitimised the Zionist occupation of Palestine through its imitation of these policies in the global ‘war on terror’.

Winning Over Arabs Using Israeli Tactics

Eland looks at precisely how the US military has adopted Israeli military tactics in its occupation of Iraq. This piece exposes early on the dangers of adopting such policies as well as the likelihood of their failure as a ‘security’ oriented tactic. The only case to be made for such adoption, given the Israeli experience, appears in this analysis to be the perpetration of extreme violence largely against civilians.

Perils of the Israel model

Critiquing India’s ‘do or die’ attitude towards ‘terrorism’, Bidwai analyses New Delhi’s obsession with the Israeli model and its moral and practical implications.


It is an increasingly sad truth that much of what is understood to be nefarious racist, discriminatory, unjust and / or violent policy in various nation states follows policy and precedent set by successive Israeli administrations and its security forces.  This dubious accolade is neither