Volume 3 – Issue 1

Volume 3 – Issue 1

Joining forces – Asian and Pacific civil society and worldwide initiatives to support a peaceful solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

This brief paper will revolve around five questions. Is the experience of ending occupation in Asia and the Pacific of any relevance to the Palestinian struggle? Is the experience of nation-building in Asia and the Pacific relevant to the Palestinian struggle? What is it that makes the Palestinian struggle such a unique challenge for humankind? How can the rest of the human family help the Palestinian people end the agony of occupation? What is the special role that civil society in Asia and the Pacific can play to bring occupation to an end?

The Beginning or End of Hope? Transforming the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through Nation Building. Reviews of Married to Another Man by Ghada Karmi, The One-State Solution by Virginia Tilley and One Country by Ali Abunimah.

Merali reviews three recent books supporting a one state solution for the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. From Virginia Tilley’s seminal volume of 2005, The One State Solution, through Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah’s One Country to Ghada Karmi’s Married to Another Man, the review examines the three authors’ claims on the one state solution as a normative and practical project, comparing and contrasting the three sets of claims, and applying their ideals to the current situation in Palestine.

The Case for One State

A very courageous critique of the world’s refusal to resolve the Palestinian Question based on any theory other than the ‘Two-State Solution’. Dr Pappe highlights in detail how this mantra has been used to legitimize and exacerbate the Israeli occupation and the oppression of the Palestinian people. He contends that for Palestine to return its pre-Zionist days, Israel should be the target of an anti-Apartheid campaign which would ultimately result in genuine peace for Jews and Arabs alike.

Review of The Making of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1947-1951, Ilan Pappe, I.B.Tauris, 2006, pp.324+ix.

The book under review deals with the major political processes which took place in the Middle East during the crucial period of 1947 -1951, the effects of which remain with the world today. Dr Pappe focuses in detail on issues such as Jewish immigration to Palestine, the influence of the USSR in the creation of Israel, the war of 1948-49, both the military and political aspects, and the role of the British and other Arab states in it.


With the increase in attacks on Palestinian territory, the future looks bleak and grim and is enveloped in a dark cycle of violence and death. This comes as the Defense Minister of Israel announces the Israeli military is going on a large scale incursion into