Volume 4 – Issue 1

Volume 4 – Issue 1

Secularism and Islamism in the Arab World

In this comparative study of Islamic and secular resistance movements in the Muslim world, the writer traces the roots of both and discusses how in contemporary times, resistance movements in the Muslim world have reclaimed their Islamist roots after a period of failure during which they turned to secularism for inspiration. The article was first published in Monthly Review in October 2007.

No room for Bedouins in Jerusalem

In this article, the writer discusses a new method which Israel has adopted to demolish Arab homes in Occupied Jerusalem – the use of the Municipal Bye-Law for Conservation of Order and Cleanliness. This method is quicker and easier to implement than long and tiresome judicial proceedings which would have to be undertaken if the homes were demolished under national laws. By removing the cloak of the need for Conservation of Order and Cleanliness, Margolit exposes the actual underlying racist reason for the demolitions. This article was translated from Hebrew by George Malent

Sue Israel for Genocide before the International Court of Justice

Written over a decade ago and personally handed to Yassir Arafat, Professor Boyle’s plea to be given authority to bring genocide proceedings against the State of Israel in the International Court of Justice is as relevant (if not more relevant) today as it was then.


In the wake of the recent Presidential elections in America, the world is looking forward with optimism towards a more stable Middle East. For the region is the key towards stability everywhere. Unfortunately as these lines were written, the Israeli army was preparing to invade