Palestinian Events in the UK

Palestinian Events in the UK


February Issue of Return Review- Volume 8, Issue 2, February – 2004
PRC publishes a new study by: Mr. Siraj Sait.
Reminder: PRC Conference in Berlin
Dr. Azmi Bishara to talk at London Event organised by Arab Media Watch and the SOAS Palestine Society
February Issue of Al-Awda (Arabic)


1/- Return Review
Volume 8, Issue 2, Date:February – 2004,

Editorial: Nablus in the Big Picture

Author: Dr. Daud Abdullah

The image of Israeli soldiers detonating Palestinian homes has become so common place that no-one bothered when the Occupying Forces ran amok in Nablus last month.

Interview: Richard Cook takes over UNRWA

Author: Lebanon- Ali Hweidi

Richard Cook is the new UNRWA director in Lebanon. He replaced Mr. Alfrido Miccio. Mr. Cook worked as UNRWA’s Director in Gaza and the West Bank for 10 years. He lived there throughout the Aqsa Intifada and witnessed the destruction of Jenin camp. He lost his colleague Iian Hook there.

Spaces of Defeat*

Author: Maria Holt*

Spaces of Defeat* Palestinian Women in the Camps of Lebanon

As Palestinians endure their 56th year of exile, the refugee community in Lebanon finds itself in a particularly perilous position.

Israeli Forces Transform Balata Refugee Camp Into a Major Prison:-

Author: Mohammad Ismail – West Bank

20,000 people locked in with barbed wire and trenches

The Sun rarely rises upon this camp without bringing a new catastrophe. An ever-renewable wound and constant suffering have become a permanent characteristic of the Balata refugee camp near Nablus.

Palestinian Refugees in Hims Camp: an exclusive report on humanitarian conditions

Author: Damascus: Shereen Al-Shorafy

The “Returning Palestinians” refugee camp was built in 1949 in the city of Hims in central Syria, on an area of approximately 160,000 square kilometres. The majority of the camp’s refugees originally come from the northern parts of Palestine, particularly from villages surrounding Haifa.


Author: PRC

Ahmad Sidqui Al Dajani –

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), London, mourns the loss of Dr. Ahmad Sidqui al Dajani who passed away in Cairo on 3 January 2004 aged 67. Dr. Al Dajani was a founding member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and served on its Executive Council from 1977-1984.

Let the facts speak

Author: PRC

These negotiations, over the powers Israel had exercised [in the occupied territories] for a whole generation, opened an entire world before me.

2/- New Study Available at PRC:

Author: Mr. Siraj Sait

Title: “Reappraisal of the Rights of Palestinian Refugee Children in the Occupied Territories.”

The PRC is pleased to announce the availability, in print, of Siraj Sait’s “Reappraisal of the Rights of Palestinian Refugee Children in the Occupied Territories.” This thought-provoking study was first presented as a paper at a seminar organized by the PRC to mark the third anniversary of the Aqsa Intifada and in honor of the sacrifices of Palestinian children. The author is a Senior Lecturer in law and human rights at the University of East London. He previously served as a State Prosecutor on human rights and a Supreme Court Commissioner on bonded labour in India.

To get a copy of the study, please contact PRC. (Cost of booklet £5, including postage)

3/- Reminder: PRC Conference in Berlin

To commemorate the Nakba and reaffirm our adherence to the right of return the Palestinian Return Centre, London, and the Palestinian Community Berlin cordially invite all Palestinian organizations and individuals in Europe to participate in a general conference to be held on Saturday 15 May 2004 in Berlin…. Read more

4/- Dr. Azmi Bishara to talk at London Event organised by Arab Media Watch and the SOAS Palestine Society:

Event: AMW talk with Dr. Azmi Bishara & Dr. Brian Klug: Palestine & the Politics of Anti-Semitism\\\\\\\”

Event Date: 08/02/2004 Start Time: 3:30 PM
Ending Time: 6:00 PM

Event Description:
Organised by Arab Media Watch and the SOAS Palestine Society, hosted by the London Middle East Institute.

As criticism of Israeli policies increases worldwide, so have accusations of anti-Semitism and the media\\\\\\\’s coverage of this issue. This event explores the validity of these accusations, the way they have been reported, and anti-Arab discrimination that is all too often ignored and excused.

Venue: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre – The School of Oriental and African Studies- Thornhaugh Street- Russell Square- London WC1H OXG

All welcome, admission free, refreshments served. For more info. click here

5/- For February Issue of Al-Awda click on the link (Arabic)

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