Press release: Panel Discussion – Creative Agency and Compromise

Press release: Panel Discussion – Creative Agency and Compromise

IHRC will be hosting a panel discussion revolving around issues faced by Muslim women in the art world on Thursday, 27 November at 6.45pm

The discussion, entitled ‘Compromise and Creative Agency’, will feature young Muslim women expounding on their experiences in the world of art. With different backgrounds and viewpoints, their collective voices should provide a revealing look at the compromising situation Muslim women are faced with when they step into this space.

The panel follows the recent opening of IHRC’s latest exhibition ‘Layers of Paradise’ which features the work of artist Romina Khanom. With her installations and illustrations Romina creates work that is spiritual in both form and aesthetic. Her art is inspired not only by her past but by her religion as well. Does this make her art ‘Islamic’? Is her art termed ‘Islamic’ based purely on the strength of her being a Muslim? The panel will also consider other questions: Who is defining us and why? Can we push against these systems of categorisation?

IHRC Bookshop & Gallery has acted as a forum for open discussion about art and the way it intersects with human rights. In September, ‘Documenting Palestine’ provided the opportunity for a lively debate in regards to documentation and the ways it is both harmful and valuable – especially in relation to supporting the cause of the Palestinians.

‘Creative Agency and Compromise’ is the next in a series of informal conversations between our panelists and the audience. The panel will consist of:

Romina Khanom – Artist. Her work is currently being featured in the IHRC Gallery & Bookshop. She considers Islam to be her tool, her source and her inspiration.

Lena Mohamed – Advocate at Islamic Human Rights Commission. She has an MA from the Royal College of Art and has co-curated exhibitions at Tate Britain.

Nasreen Raja – Artist. Her work has been showcased at the Mica Gallery and Southbank centre in London along side being part of group exhibitions in Vienna and Bratislava

Rose Nordin – the co-founder and graphic designer for One of My Kind Zine (OOMK). She is an active member of the Alternative Press self-publishing collective and leads zine and comic events throughout the year.

Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al-Lail (CHAIR) – Curator of ‘Layers of Paradise’ and an artist with work exhibited in both England and Saudi Arabia. Her focus is on developing an understanding of how an interaction between different ‘collective memories’ has created a unique set of problems about who one is and what one can become.


  • The event will also be streamed live at and audiences around the world are encouraged to interact by sending their questions and comments via twitter @IHRC.
  • ‘Creative Agency and Compromise’ will take place on Thursday, 27 November at 6.45pm
  • The venue is IHRC Gallery & Bookshop, 202 Preston Road, Wembley, HA9 8PA. Nearest tube: Preston Road (1 minute walk, Metropolitan Line), South Kenton (12 minutes walk, Bakerloo line) Nearest overgound: South Kenton (as before)
  • ‘Creative Agency and Compromise’ is a free event
  • Contact or phone 020 8904 4222 for interviews, image requests, etc.


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