Media advisory: Letter to Hosni Mubarak asking for opening of Refah crossing

Media advisory: Letter to Hosni Mubarak asking for opening of Refah crossing


Media advisory


The humanitarian situation in Gaza is deteriorating for the 1.5 million men, women and children trapped inside. Israel’s ongoing collective punishment of the civilian population is pushing Gazans into further poverty and misery.


Saturday, 29 November 2008, 4 pm

A letter signed by parliamentarians, community leaders, international multi-faith organisations and NGOs will be delivered to the Egyptian Embassy by a delegation led by IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh. The letter calls on the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to immediately open Egypt’s border-crossing with Gaza for urgent humanitarian aid.
Mr. Shadjareh commented:

The humanitarian crisis created by the Israeli government’s policy of collective punishment must no longer be tolerated. While none can ignore the plight of the Palestinians, the Egyptian government bears a particular responsibility to allow vital aid to the innocent men, women and children of Gaza, whose only crime is living under occupation.

Egyptian Embassy, London

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To view the full text in the letter please see below:

His Excellency Hosni Mubarak

C/O Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
26 South Street
W1K 1DW.

29 November 2008

Dear President Mubarak,

We, the undersigned, write to you in the hope that you will take the much needed action in regard to the blockade of Gaza that is required.

You surely do not need us to relate to you the strangulation of Gaza, and the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding. The blockading of Gaza, before this current crisis, was already described as creating the world’s biggest concentration camp. It beggars belief that a civilian population of 1.5 million people is abused and starved – punished collectively for choosing their own government.

As you know in the last weeks, fuel supply to Gaza has been blocked leading to the closure of its power plant. The UN has been forced to halt distribution of food aid, upon which most Gazans are reliant. The actions of the Israeli authorities violate the Geneva Conventions and so many international norms. The crimes committed against Gazans degrade all humanity and failure to act against these crimes, by those with the capacity to do so, ensures their complicity with the criminals.

Whilst this catastrophe unfolds, it beggars belief that there exists a crossing into Gaza, namely the Refah crossing that is outside Israeli control, yet still closed. This crossing, on the border with Egypt, must be opened immediately and unconditionally, to allow in international relief efforts and the personnel required to alleviate the suffering the innocent civilians of Gaza undergo.

We ask you to look to the example of Egyptians who earlier this year broke through the blockade to help those in need. You can be remembered, as they are, for a difficult but noble act, or you can choose to support the oppression of Gazans.

For anyone with a conscience it is not a choice.

In the hope of your swift and humanitarian action:

Name Organisation Country
Massoud Shadjareh Islamic Human Rights Commission UK
Dr. Brian Iddon MP Member of Parliament UK
Harry Cohen MP Member of Parliament UK
Jeremy Corbyn MP Member of Parliament UK
Clare Short MP Member of Parliament UK
Derek Wyatt MP Member of Parliament UK
Bashir Ahmad MSP Member of the Scottish Parliament UK
John McDonnell MP Member of Parliament UK
George Galloway MP Member of Parliament UK
Lord Nazir Ahmed House of Lords UK
Baroness Jenny Tonge House of Lords UK
Yvonne Ridley Journalist UK
Humza Yousaf Scottish-Islamic Foundation UK
Rabbi Ahron Cohen Neturei Karta UK
Muslim Council of Britain UK
Palestine Return Centre UK
Faisal Hanjra FOSIS UK
Dr John E Richardson Loughborough University UK
Palestine Internationalist UK
British Muslim Initiative UK
Sukant Chandan Sons of Malcolm UK
Friends of Al Aqsa UK
Salma Yaqoob Councillor UK
M Nashashibi Arab Media Watch UK
Ziad Al-Aloul Palestinian Business Forum UK
Muntasir Al-Hamed Muslim Youth Foundation UK
Seyyed Ferjani Muslim Association of Britain UK
Tony Greenstein Brighton & Hove UNISON and Brighton & Hove Trades Council UK
Lauren Booth Broadcaster, journalist and human rights activist UK
Professor Alex Callinicos King’s College London UK
Roland Rance Jews Against Zionism UK
Les Levidow Campaign Against Criminalising Communities UK
Muddassar Arani Arani Solicitors UK
Nabil Saeig Greece
Nikos Karapasis Greece
Dimitris Tsironis Member of Parliament Greece
Markos Mpolaris Greece
Michalis Timosidis Greece
Professor Vangelis Pissias Academia Greece
Petros Giotis Greece
Giorgos Anastopoulos Greece
Nikos Klitsikas Greece
Nanter al Ampantla Greece
Amalia Pateraki Greece
Maria Nikoforou Greece
Dott. Elvio Arancio Italy
Dott.ssa Angela Lano InfoPal Italy
Sentaore Fernando Rossi Member of Parliament Italy
Avv.Dari Rossi Italy
Amin A Rashid PPMS Netherlands
Abdul Wahid Pedersen Muslim Council of Denmark Denmark
Oliver Haschemizade Dar al Janab Austria
Mohammed Avet Sweden
Nariman Shehab Germany
Baas Over Eigen Hoofd Belgium
Luk Vervaet Prison teacher Belgium
Chakib FIOE Belgium
Alad Beargan PAC Jordan
Mohammed Salamah JEA Jordan
Laila Khaled PFLP Jordan
Husain Ahmad Palestine Student Association Lebanon
Ali Husaidi Thabit Organization Lebanon
Haidan Dekmak Quds Association Lebanon
Tarek Hamoud Palestinian Return (Wajeb) Syria
Moustafa El-leddawi Researcher Syria
Wael Pader Fateh Syria
Munazzamat Al Dawa Al Islamiya Sudan
Dr. M.H. Jawahirullah, President Tamilnadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam India
Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat India
Aliansi Selamatkan Anak Indonesia Indonesia
Indonesian Advocacy Center for Law and Human Rights Indonesia
Mujtahid Hashem Voice of Palestine Indonesia
Mohideen Abdul Kader Citizens International Malaysia
Dr Zahra Mostafavi International Union of NGOs Supporting Palestinian People Internationally
Dr Zahra Mostafavi Women Society Iran
Dr M. Rahmandoost Society for Supporting Palestine People Iran
Ahmed Neda Institute Iran
Mottahar Institute Amroudy Iran
Ahlol Bayt Institute Aarabi Iran
Kanani Movement against Zionism Iran
Navab Safavi Navab Cultural Institute Iran
Rajaee Estesh Hadyoun Iran
Moayedi Women for Palestine Iran
Akder Turkey
Akv (Araştirma Kültür Vakfi) Turkey
Bab-i Ehli Beyt Vakfi Turkey
Başkent Kadin Platformu Turkey
Bem Birsen Turkey
Büro Memursen Turkey
Ehli Beyt Kültür Ve Dayanişma Vakfi Turkey
Emekli Birsen Turkey
Genç Birikim Turkey
Genç Siviller Turkey
Hizmet Iş Turkey
Ihad Turkey
Ihd Turkey
Infak Vakfi Turkey
Ilkder Turkey
Kudüs-Der Turkey
Memur-Sen Turkey
Müsiad Turkey
Özgür Eğitim-Sen Turkey
Tihv Turkey
Mazlumder Turkey

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