PUBLIC MEETING: Terror Raid! Who is next?

PUBLIC MEETING: Terror Raid! Who is next?

…The way Police has conducted the raids were no less violent then those in Forest Gate where they shot one of the 2 brother while savagely attacking the other, both of whom were innocent.

All the accused were Muslim of Bangladeshi origin except one black
Muslim of Nigerian origin. Despite the families co-operation Police brutally grabbed the accused and manhandled the families including women, children and elderly. The action of the Police and their brutal method of operation has outraged and alarmed the entire community.

London Citizen’s Forum has organised a public meeting to discuss the
Police action and raise the issue to the highest level in the government. The meeting will discuss some of the following:

* Policing the Muslim Community
* Police methods used in the Muslim Community
* The future of Police – Muslim Relations
* How & why Police should be made accountable
* Police response to the terror raids

Know your rights, act today or you may be the next terrorist Police is
looking for.


Brady Centre
192-196 Hanbury St,
London E1 5HU
(nearest tube: Whitechapel & Aldgate East)

Time & Date:
6.30 P.M.- 9.30 P.M.
Saturday 30th June 2007


* RT Hon George Galloway M P,
* Dr Hasanat Husain – Voice for Justice,
* Massoud Shadjareh – Islamic Human Rights Commission,
* Yvonne Ridley – Political Journalist & Campaigner,
* Saghir Hussain – Human Rights Lawyer,
* Azad Ali – Muslim Safety Forum
* & other local community leaders.

Supported by:

* Voice for Justice,
* Islamic Human Rights Commission,
* The 1990 Trust,
* Respect Tower Hamlets,
* Association of Tower Hamlets,
* Cage Prisoners,

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