This report provides the accounts of the distribution of the funds that IHRC has raised to support the persecuted members and those perceived to be members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. The state violence is directed towards civilians. The aid is distributed to the families of those who have been unlawfully killed by the security forces, victims of state violence who are being treated in hospitals or recovering at home, prisoners of faith and students. The aid is distributed in the form of food, Qurbani, surgery costs, medicine and student bursaries. The figures mentioned in this report cover annual spending up to 18th February 2021. The IHRC Nigeria fundraising campaign has made significant progress in terms of providing critical support to avoid a humanitarian crisis among the supporters of Sheikh Zakzaky. However, much more needs to be done to respond to the ongoing crisis.

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Please help support those injured by police brutality and the families of those killed by the security services by donating to the IHRC Trust Nigeria Fund here.

Above all, please remember all the oppressed in your dua.

#Free Zakzaky!