Stop MI5 blackmail! Protect UK citizenship from attack!


18 January 2013 public meeting in Camden Town Hall, London, UK

DEMANDS on the UK government

  1. Restore Mahdi Hashi’s UK citizenship and give him full consular services. 
  2. Explain transparently how and when the government revoked his citizenship. Explain whether it was complicit in his rendition to a secret detention site and then to the USA.
  3. Cease any revocation of citizenship, especially its use as a terror tool against BME communities, contrary to any norms of decency and due process.
  4. Ensure proper accountability of MI5 in exercising its powers, especially through greater Parliamentary oversight.
  5. Formalise the process whereby people are approached by the security services with a view to assisting such people, e.g. by recording details of the contact and instituting a complaints system open to those who are approached. Offer interviewees the right to a recording of any interview with MI5, police or border authority.
  6. Overhaul the Investigatory Powers Tribunal to include individuals who represent BME (black & minority ethnic) communities and to provide wider accountability of IPT decisions, including the right to judicial review with enforcement powers of redress.

  7. Discontinue (and do not extend) the use of secret evidence, e.g. through Closed Material Procedures (CMP), which is inherently unfair by common law standards.
  8. No punishment without trial. Make all evidence available to the accused so they know the basis for accusations against them.


  • Familiarise yourself with the above demands. Read background documents and articles. Discuss them with your family, friends and colleagues.
  • If you are a member of a community organisation, then put it on the agenda of a meeting.  Start a discussion so that community members become fully aware of the demands and identify community actions to pursue them.
  • If you are in a school, college or university, start a discussion in any forum.  Raise the issues around the demands and identify actions to pursue them.
  • Lobby your MP for these demands. On the internet, ‘lobby your MP’ brings up websites such as Ask your MP to support the demands. Attend his/her surgery, if possible in a group, to ask your MP to support these demands. Always be polite and patient; focus on the demands.
  • If you have a local newspaper or a community newsletter, then send a letter raising these demands and issues.
  • Join any of the organisations listed below or any other organisation fighting for justice.    Become active by raising these demands.
  • If you have had direct contact with MI5 or police officers seeking informers, then speak confidentially to our specialists; see contact email address below.
  • Join CAMPACC’s e-mail list to keep up with latest developments and events.

The above demands are supported by:

Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC), CagePrisoners, Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), London Somali Youth Forum, Kentish Town Community Organisation (KTCO), Kurdish Federation UK, Tamil Coordinating Committee (TCC) UK

For information contact: Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC), tel. 020 7586 5892,